Pedigree Donation Glasses: Colenso and Finch adapt the way 3D glasses work to let cinema goers to see the difference a donation can make

Buzz02.jpgBuzz06.jpgThe Pedigree Adoption Drive offers support to thousands of abandoned dogs across the country. While the numbers hadn't dropped, public interest had.

Colenso BBDO, Auckland needed to find a new way to connect.

By adapting the way 3D glasses work they were able to simultaneously project two entirely different films on the same cinema screen.

The groundbreaking project was created in partnership between FINCH and Colenso BBDO.

Buzz01.jpgBuzz05.jpgUtilising the technology, director Nic Finlayson shot two beautiful parallel stories - one of a mistreated dog who gets rescued, the other of the same dog who tragically never gets found.

Before the movie cinemagoers were faced with a choice: Donate and receive a yellow pair of glasses, or pay nothing and receive a red pair.

That choice decided the fate of the dog on screen.

Agency: Colenso BBDO
Creative Chairman: Nick Worthington
Creative Director: Levi Slavin
Digital Creative Director: Aaron Turk
Art Director: Jae Morrison
Copywriter: Levi Slavin
Group Account Director: Scott Coldham
Senior Account Manager: Dave Munn
Account Executive: Courtney Herbert
Planner: Hayley Pardoe
Designer: Kate Slavin
Agency Producer: Jen Storey
Digital Agency Producer: Serena Fountain-Jones
Production Company: FINCH
Producer: Phil Liefting
Director: Nic Finlayson
Executive Producer: Rob Galluzzo
Sound Design: Franklin Road
DOP/Cinematographer: Crighton Bone
Creative Technology: Emad Tahtouh
Production Company Art Director: Ross McGarva
Editor: David Coulson
Online Editor: Puck Murphy
Post Production: Digital Sparks
Grade: Peter Richie
Music: Lullable (Donnelly) courtesy of Mushroom Records, performed by SJD, courtesy of Round Trip Mars


KM said:

Power to'em. Truly paradigm-shifting stuff.

question said:

Brilliant idea, great execution. How many cinemas did it go out to? how much money did it raise for animal rescue? I imagine it's an expensive exercise to supply donation boxes and glasses to hundreds of cinemas. I hope it's as effective at raising money as it will be with creative awards.....

Dogalike said:

When's the Whybin version coming out?

Omid said:

Awesome. Just awesome.

Kudos to Finch, Colenso and everyone involved.

bird is the word! said:

Finch are the bomb. Kickarse tech

Shit yeah said:

Emotive, engaging and innovative. Awesome job all.

Doggleganger said:

Right after the DDB New York Version which was actually first

e said:

I dunno - it's just sliding doors for me. Like Dave Trott says, just cos you're first to use new tech doesn't make it a great idea - just means you're first to use new tech.

Who's next? said:

Gladwell said at Cannes that its best to come third,
This is a copy of the DDB campaign.
Interesting to see who will really crack it.

Dog person said:

Well I think its awesome. And I think most of you have no soul.. and thats why you are so hung up on the award talk above ?? - NOT on the fact this will actually serve a purpose and save animals lives. Good work Finch!! :)

FL said:

Beautifully made. I want to go and rescue a dog now.

I smell said:


Go Finch said:

Cool and clever idea for a great cause.
Finch also behind the latest Lynx projection using the same tech.

Rob Galluzzo said:

Thanks for some positive comments but to be clear the Tech on Lynx is completely different to Pedigree. Lynx uses LED back light glare and sunglasses and Pedigree was purpose built for cinema, utilising 3D technology.

bertie said:

I actually found that film incredibly moving and motivating - brought tears to my eyes it did. The only issue for me is that the only people who saw that were the ones who'd already donated. The ones who didn't donate saw the other film which had nothing that would motivate them to donate. So the order is wrong for me. I feel like the audience for the yellow glasses film should be people who could potentially donate.

IM said:

Congratulations to all involved. A great idea, and for a great cause.
To the haters... "It's not where you take things from, it's where you take them to" Jim Jarmusch.

Mother's Day said:

I hate to be a party pooper, but Mother did the Lynx idea before as well for Becks which I liked as there was something worth seeing.
As for the glasses, its been done, but not for dogs.
But everyone does everything for dogs nowadays.

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