Vitek Vodka sends up its Polish heritage with new integrated campaign via JayGrey, Sydney

VODKA-NB 0053 295x220 VV_TAXI_HB.jpgJayGrey, Sydney has launched a new integrated campaign for Vitek Vodka.

The challenge posed to JayGrey was to create a campaign that could leverage the brand's heritage and high quality, whilst also standing out from the crowd. The "Distilled by Peasants, Drunk by Royalty" idea was the answer.


VODKA-NB 0053 295x220 VV_BONZAI_HB.jpgVODKA-NB 0053 295x220 VV_SPY_HB.jpgVODKA-NB 0053 295x220 VV_VET_HB.jpgJayGrey conceptualised the campaign and has taken it through label design, TV, print, point-of-sale and radio. Digital is to follow. The first campaign is a satirical take on the company itself and it suggests that they should "stick to what they're good at", which in Vitek Vodka's case, is producing vodka.

âWe love working with JayGrey. They're smart, well-organized and great partners.â said Vitek Czernuszyn, owner and director of Vitek Vodka.

"Most creative people have a well-defined creative process which can sometimes be difficult for an outsider to accommodate. However, JayGrey makes it their business to involve you in a continuous process of check and balance - eliminating surprises and making you feel that you're a valid part of the finished product."

Jay Furby, JayGrey's creative director said: "We pride ourselves on producing quality campaigns for clients, ones that our teams look forward to working on for years to come - hard-core creative solutions that resonate with the consumer, whilst not sacrificing entertainment for efficacy. Vitek is that dream client.

"We also think that clients get the ads that they deserve. It is great that Vitek has stuck to what he's good at - buying good ads and making vodka!" he added.


Low hanging fruit... said:

Lazy thinking, first thoughts - sorry.

Dannyboi said:


But it says "Made in Australia" on the end frame?

Dave said:

Jaygrey please stop this. It's always really cool print ads (and a bit of TV) that's it. Im sure this vodka brand doesn't have the media spend to justify doing these nice little ads (and they are nice looking ads).

Bobby Bittman said:

Polish jokes?

Did you get paid in vodka?

wodka said:

If it was polish, they would spell it wodka

Paradox said:

Apparently Jay hates bad ads that don’t make people do things.

Kurwa said:

In Drinks Trade, the industry rag, Vitek Czernuszyn said of vodka, “It’s the blank canvas on which everyone can paint their masterpiece.” Someone should have told JayGrey

voice over said:

stop doing voice overs Furby!

Polish dude said:

I think it's funny. Stands out from the boring shit being pushed through every other piece of alcohol advertising. Nice initiative. Now everyone back to their retail briefs!

AWARD School said:

Two campaign themes. 'Poles. Much better at making vodka.' and ' Made by peasants. Drunk by Royalty.' So which is it? The real worry with this campaign is 'Would you trust the incompetents depicted to do anything properly, let alone produce something you'd put into your mouth?'

Borat said:

Very niiiiice. Hiiiiii fiiiiive! You make old glorious love rip-off for my joke.

Happy guy said:

Why the hate? These are funny and I wish I'd done them...

Refreshed said:

Of course there is hate. They are different and fun and stand out. I saw it and it made me laugh. It's the blog, people love to hate on this site. It comes with the territory. Just coz they don't feature a bunch of blokes in a bar or a hot model people feel out of there comfort zone. I like them . I also like the fact the first twenty comments aren't from people from the agency going wow what great ads. Refreshing on both counts.

Ignorance is Bliss said:

Back to school for you, 10:27.

The Realist said:

Funny made me smile . Isn't alcohol about that.

!!! said:

Furby has built a remarkable career off the back of work like this.

Jimmy said:

I think the taxidermist one is strongest. Liked it a lot.

Freebee said:


You're absolutely right. Racial stereotypes, gender stereotypes. Name a stereotype basically and he's exploited it. Cleverly, one must admit, and yes this is advertising, but when is the lowest common denominator just not that funny anymore?

I know, it's a rhetorical question, but given the clients and the budgets that JayGrey deals with, I think the marketplace may have already spoken to that issue.

Pole Dancer said:

The peasants/royalty line has nothing to do with the rest of the campaign – which is pretty predictable and quite average anyway.

The old “stick to what we know best” angle in the creative.

Maybe the agency should take the same approach.

Something different said:

Personal qualms aside, these are nice ads that stand out in the category.

Jay loves the Pole said:

They made me laugh. Spy is the best. Who shot the print? They look great and they'll stand out.

A said:

I like 'em.

They're funny. They'll stand out.

Jay's haters will still hate. But then again, most of Jay's haters don't have so many sodding Gold Lions that he keeps them in overflowing boxes.

(I've seen 'em.)

Keep doing what you're doing Jay. The industry's a better place with you in it.

Hooray for Jay Gray said:

For a moment there I thought the blog was eating itself, tail first, with all the highly worthy, 360 degree'd, QR coded, stencilised, utility app supported rubbish featuring wall murals...

Then along comes Jay Grey and reminds us that you can have some good, old fashioned fun with a brand by pushing your ideas and not taking yourself even remotely seriously. Bravo - more of it.

Adam's mum said:

Adam taylor is the photographer.

Great job he did too methinks.

OMG said:




@ OMG said:

First, congrats on being part of the minority who can spell 'loser' correctly.

Second, you are a loser for two reasons:

1/ You use all caps. Sure sign of either a loser or a fanatic.

2/ You seem to assume there is only one time-zone in the world. Hell, there is more than one in Australia. One in the morning in Oz is not one in the morning in Hong Kong, Amsterdam, London or any of the other interesting places a creative can end up. But keep grubbing around believing that where you happen to be is the only place on Earth. Like a complete loser.


Yep! said:

Nice enough. Quirky little gags and well crafted visuals. It's relevant t and doesn't have a wank like most spirits. Anyway back to my mrecs.

Kurwa said:


Look at the time I'm posting now. Fuck me, you're going to have a aneurysm.

Love from Europe.

Suspicious said:

10:27AM, aka 'Refreshed, aka ... Jay?

Professor said:

Nah, 6:42, too well-written.

Ron Shaw-Ron said:


However. What's with the soviet (not polish) constructivist font?

London said:

"You're absolutely right. Racial stereotypes, gender stereotypes. Name a stereotype basically and he's exploited it. Cleverly, one must admit, and yes this is advertising, but when is the lowest common denominator just not that funny anymore?"

Very true indeed

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