Australia submits record 1268 entries to Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity: Overall 19% increase results in record total of 34,301 entries

Gold_Press_Lion.jpgA record 34,301 entries from 87 countries, including a record 1268 entries from Australia - the fifth highest in the world - have been submitted to the Cannes Lions 59th International Festival of Creativity due to start in just over a week's time.

An overall increase of 19% versus last year, entries have been submitted in 15 different categories: Creative Effectiveness, Cyber, Design, Direct, Film, Film Craft, Media, Outdoor, PR, Press, Promo & Activation, Radio, Titanium & Integrated and the new Mobile and Branded Content & Entertainment Lions categories. The largest category is the Press Lions up 12% to 6056 entries. The new categories of Branded Content & Entertainment and Mobile attracted 800 and 965 entries each.

In total the Asia Pacific region entered a total of 7169 entries - 1268 entries from Australia, 347 entries from New Zealand and 5554 entries from Asia.

  • Australia    1268
  • India        1182
  • Japan        1058
  • Singapore    697
  • China        571
  • Thailand    457
  • Hong Kong     385
  • South Korea    356
  • New Zealand    347
  • Philippines    315
  • Malaysia    269
  • Indonesia    139
  • Taiwan        61
  • Vietnam        33
  • Pakistan        16
  • Sri Lanka    15

The top six in terms of entries this year were: USA (5058); Brasil (3419); Germany (2343); UK (2343); Australia (1268) and France (1237).

Cannes Entries.jpgWith the volume of entry levels higher than anticipated, more jury members have been appointed in addition to the extra Branded Content & Entertainment and Mobile judges previously announced. Bringing the total number of judges to 287.

The following additional judges have been added:

Design Lions
Ricardo Saint-Clair, Founder/Creative Director, Dialogo Design, Brazil
Katrin Oeding, Creative Director, Studio Oeding, Germany
Gesina Roters, Creative Partner, DAY, The Netherlands
Chris Moody, Creative Director, Wolff Olins, UK
Richard Bates, Chief Creative Officer North America, The Brand Union, USA

Promo & Activation Lions
John J. Steere, Regional Managing Director APAC, Momentum, Asia Pacific
Ove Gley, Creative Director, Heimat, Germany
Hiroko Uchigaki, Account Planning Director/Communications Planner, ADK Japan
Hector Fernandez, Co-Managing Director/Chief Creative Officer, Publicis, Mexico
Gonzalo Figari, President & Creative Director, D6, Spain

Radio Lions
Sara Haag, Director/Founder, Sarah Haag AB, Sweden

"The industry is moving at a lightning rate, as evidenced by the huge volume of entries into the new Mobile and Branded Content & Entertainment Lions," said Philip Thomas, Chief Executive of the Festival. "But it is also interesting to see the robust health of other, more traditional media like Radio, Film and Press. I am sure that once again the winners at Cannes Lions will inspire and excite the industry, showing what is possible in creative brand communications."

Download the entry breakdown:  Entry Summary by Country - Cannes Lions 2012.pdf


Cash is king said:

With the advent of 'integrated campaigns' came the creation of categories needed to cover the various channels. Agencies want o submit campaigns in to each of them to cover the bases and grab as much metal as possible. Needless to say integrated campaigns have been/are a great money spinner for award organisers.

Acc said:

You guys are crazy.
Spend your money on saving staff in these times.

ok then said:

34,000 times where people feel they need an award for just doing their job, in something where you probably see a handful of good things a year.

Go figure.

LOL said:

Given the work that has been put up as 'cannes contenders' that's a lot of coin up in smoke.

Can someone give me some figures please? said:

On average, how much are we talking for an entry? ( Excuse my ignorance but I have not been worthy of entering something into the Cannes Corporation -oops I mean the Cannes Awards For Excellence or whatever it's called )

So what are we talking $1000 per entry on average? $2000?

Man, that corporation makes a shit tonne off the industry right? and how much of those award winners actually win new business because of it?

Reason said:

@ 12:10. Awarded agencies attract great talent. Great talent attract clients.

roar said:

Exactly 12:44. And they're not awards 'just for doing your job' - they're awards for going above and beyond in your job in an industry where excellence gets harder every year.

Shit tonne of money... said:

I don't think anyone's disputing creatives getting awarded for their work, lord knows all of that evil overtime Australian ad agencies make you do should benefit you on a personal basis as apposed to the agencies bottom line alone.

I think it's just the shit tonne of money the award entries cost and how much they are making off agencies... I mean who's paying for it? Is it out of the workers salaries? the clients budgets?

Reason said:

Entry costs aside, is a little metal trinket really worth all the (unpaid) overtime and the opportunity cost for putting time and energy into enjoying other areas of your life?

You might think so now. Ask yourself the same question in another ten years.

It's amazing how the bean counters are able to continue to pull the wool over your eyes as to what's important and what is fair compensation for your efforts.

I'm not against awards, but in the ad industry they have been misused to enable corporations to exploit individuals.

No doubt, these comments will upset a few people – particularly the ones who strongly believe. Sadly, it's these very people who will later look back and see things differently.

Ok Ok then said:

@ Roar

So on 34,000 occasions people went above and beyond? mmmm, doesn't that make it the standard thing if everyone is doing it?

Also I'd argue that part of your job means you have to go above and beyond, now you want a medal?

Let's face it, must award stuff is hardly going beyond too.

Judge and Jury said:

One things for certain. The 19% increase in Press is probably money down the drain for most Aussie agencies as somewhere among those 6056 entries, Wankster, Brazil or Shifty Turbot, Bahrain will have already submitted beautifully crafted work for Bic that never actually ran featuring foetuses being abused in utero.

Yep said:

Well said 'Reason'.
As someone who has passed through the phase of this career when you give a fuck about such trivial things, I long ago stopped believing that awards were "currency" for us creatives.
There are very few respectable CDs around now that will hire you based on the amount of metal on your shelf. A great folio and reel, a great reputation, and a great attitude is far more employable than a great haul of awards.

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