Clemenger BBDO Sydney and Ogilvy Sydney score Gold Lions at Cannes Outdoor Lions

Screen shot 2012-06-20 at 2.41.34 AM.jpgScreen shot 2012-06-20 at 5.40.49 AM.jpgClemenger BBDO, Sydney and Ogivy Sydney scored Australia's only Gold Lions at the Cannes Outdoor Lions, awarded tonight at the Palais de Festivals.

Clemenger BBDO Sydney won a Gold Lion for Virgin Australia 'AUS to USA", while Ogilvy Sydney won a Gold Lion for the Coca-Cola 'Share a Coke' interactive billboard.

Ogilvy Sydney also won a Bronze Lion for Coca-Cola 'Share a Coke - bottles and cans'.

George Patterson Y&R Melbourne won a Silver Lion for Australian Defense Force 'Mobile Medic' and a Bronze Lion for the AFL '2011 Finals Series' campaign.
For New Zealand, Colenso BBDO, Auckland won a Gold Lion for Monteith's Crushed Cider 'Twigs' and a Bronze Lion for Mountain Dew 'Skate Pinball' and Publicis Mojo Auckland won a Silver Lion for Greenpeace 'Oil on Canvas'.

A total of 112 Lions were awarded on the night and two Grand Prix were awarded: one to Ogilvy Shanghai for Coca-Cola '#Coke Hands', the othe to Jung von Matt, Hamburg for Mercedes Benz 'The Invisible Drive'.

VIEW THE WINNERS: Outdoor Winners - CL2012.xls


Credit where its due. said:

You have got to hand it to Ogilvy Sydney. Nice campaign.
About time they got some recognition.

Kranky Pants said:

Well done Ogilvy, Luke & Omid !!
Hearty congratulations.

Jack Sparrow said:

Must be slim pickings at Cannes this year for that Virgin ad to pick up Gold. Bronze maybe. But Gold?

Richie said:

Jack Sparrow, I agree.

* said:

Congrats Jacob and Alex. You guys deserve it. Those who were there know.

! said:

I dunno Sparrow. I kinda like that its a nice simple piece of outdoor that doesn't need me to scan a QR code, tag 14 mates and wait 5 minutes for a payoff. Remember the old 6 second rule.

K.I.S.S. said:

@Jack Sparrow sometimes less is more.

JOLE said:

How didn't JOLE pick up?
It was a Jeep, on a pole!
And they called it 'JOLE'!
Ripped off.

well well well said:

Congrats Jacob, Alex, Omid, Liam & Luke.

in the know said:

Congratulations to Jacob, Alex and Chris. Nuff said.

Greidy said:

Less IS more. Lovely poster.

Steve & Muz said:

Good on ya Chuey and Ryan!

Killinitsuit said:

Doyle. Killing it.

PP said:

Agree. Virgin stuff is okay but not gold worthy! Bit of a joke really.
Just goes to show it pays to have the CD of the project on the jury.

Also In the know said:

Yep it was just Alex, Jacob and Chris. But don't forget the digital guys. Brian and Damo. I'm not sure the others that jumped on at the end can really call it theirs at all.
The work was done by then.

ASS said:


Huffy McGhee said:

How sad is it that instead of congratulating everyone who was involved in the Coke idea people are nit-picking and adding names and dropping names and generally pretending they're "in the know" about who did what.

No wonder the world thinks we're cunts: everyone has an ego problem. Get over yourselves. Well done Ogilvy, well done Clems, everyone else: better luck next year.

David Ogilvy said:

Well Done Boris!!!

noice said:

People at the top will always try to get their name on stuff that's good. But if they haven't done anything good themselves but managed to get to a high position by staying put, it's pretty clear to all what the story is.

And gold for that Virgin Billboard? Will reserve judgement till the rest of the work is up but seems like a leeean year. But buy Clems Sydney team another year though.

Kranky Pants said:

Why is everyone so cranky ?
A win is a win, you can only beat who's put in front of you.
Go Aussie ! Whatever agency you're from.

Grinners said:

Yep. A win's a win.
Nice work guys and gals.
Well done.

Sidelines said:

See what having all that talent has done to Clemenger Sydney. Next year they'll be up for the Grand Prix, watch this space. Lots of CDs can make a difference.

Hmmm said:

The Virgin billboard looks more like a clever piece of design. Not sure it deserved a gold. It's good. But not THAT good.

twinkle said:

That Virgin billboard is exactly what a billboard should be and completely worthy of its prize. Simple. Fast. Hardly any words (hell, hardly any letters). Half of what you see awarded in outdoors is a load of bollocks - a press ad stuck on a big site so it can pick up twice.

Dav said:

Ryan and Chuey, love your work.

Luke Chess said:

Yeah right g'day. Look slag the Virgin work off all you like but to imply that somehow my presence on the jury swayed the result is both wrong and displays a lack of understanding as to how Cannes works.

Simplicity, and Coke Hands is the example par excellence, was rewarded this year.


Man pants said:

It's perfectly OK to get annoyed at other people taking credit for your work.

But instead of getting angry, just think of the people who will hire them based on your work. They're your competition.

Set the record straight said:

@Also in the know

The fact that you say the digital guys, shows you don't know. The digital work was done by Wunderman. Chris Ford started the campaign, left months before it was finished and launched. Jakub, Alex and Omid took it from there and worked it through with Jakub and Alex being the leads. They then left a couple of months before the campaign was launching, where then Omid, Liam and Luke took it over, brough it home and continued the rest of the work which included new work post launch. Brian/Dame/Boris all looked over it before, during and after. As did Brett when he came in. The campaign took close to a year and there were plenty of phases and people who were significantly involved.

But please, continue typing as if there is some semblance of real knowledge behind it. Fact is, everyone named in the credits put in seriously long hours to get the campaign off the ground. They earned their credit.

Get over it.

Complete outsider said:

Both great.

Insider said:

Everyone that worked on that campaign has been credited properly, so there shouldn't be any issues regarding people who didn't get credit. I worked there while it was happening.

Vote? said:

Virgin outdoor not award worthy. Luke, you nailed it with Coke hands but I just couldnt compare the 2. Coke is smart, insightful, emotive and makes me want to to reach for a can. Virgin is lazy, uninteresting and doesn't excite me about flying anywhere.

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