Adelaide's Hungry Creatives' launch party tonight at Mercury Cinema; website launches Thursday

Hungry creatives Bayley Broome-Peake Left Haylie Craig Right.jpgHungry Creatives' launch party is happening tonight at the Mercury Cinema, Morphett St, Adelaide with the website going live on Thursday June 28th.
The idea and concept of Hungry Creatives was produced by creator, Haylie Craig and cinematographer, Bayley Broome-Peake.
To get involved in the project email Haylie here or visit the website.
CampaignBrief_HungryCreatives_photo2.jpgCraig has interned at KWP! And Jamshop, followed by a stint as digital art director at FNUKY. Craig has came first in Adelaide's AWARD school in 2011. She is currently freelancing with hopes to eventually become an art director.
The website will feature creatives who want to make it in the industry as well as people who are working in the industry.
Says Craig: "Making it into the creative industry still depends on who you know, as much as what you know. Meeting the person who can give you the right feedback or a break in the industry is the hard part. That's why Hungry Creatives was born.
"Our aim is to showcase the work of the hopefuls who aim to make their mark in the industry. We have put these hungry creatives on the same page as people who have made it, who were kind enough to share their experiences and journeys."
Those who have yet to make it include people completing their last year of study. They will be talking about work they have produced and what they are doing to get their foot in the creative door. People who are working in the industry will provide advice, tips and stories of how they made it.
Says Craig: "A majority of the interviews are filmed, but some are written pieces. An interview of a person that is trying to break into the industry will be released one week and an interview of a person that has made it in the industry within the same field for example, if a person wants to be a producer, then the following week the interview will be of a person who is already working as a producer, or as close as we can get in some cases."
Hungry Creatives didn't want to restrict the project to people that are just interested in advertising, design or writing.
Says Craig: "The jobs in the creative industry broadly covered in this project are art director, copywriter, cinematographer, VFX artist, web and digital designer, colourist, producer, visual artist, photographer, sound and music composer, make up artist, marketer, account director, retoucher, journalist, game designer, graphic designer, event manager, costume designer, architect, actor, illustrator, finished artist, gaffer or director."
Second half of Hungry Creatives, Broome-Peake is both a cinematographer and a musician. Her film portfolio includes campaigns for RAA and Mosh Australia, documentaries on Indigenous Australians and the missing Beaumont children as well as a music video for a local Adelaide band. She is currently completing a bachelor of creative arts (screen) at Flinders University.
The duo plan on running the project till the end of the year and to keep momentum the team need to continuously interview people from inside and out.
Says Broome-Peak: "Even if we just help one person that is trying to break into the creative industry and get noticed, or someone gets an opportunity they didn't have before like feedback on their work, to be mentored by someone or even be given a job, that would be great!"


Watching said:

Great work. Congratulations to both of you.
You're already winning.

Best of luck, and keep going!

coopers and popcorn said:

Thanks for having us along. Great initiative. Hope some people in the big cities invite you over to get involved.

Already Made It said:

Top work guys. Awesome initiative!

CD in Singapore said:

Good work girls!

Hungry Creatives said:

Bayley and myself would like to say thank you to everyone that attended the launch night at Mercury Cinema. We were so happy and delighted with the amount of people that came to see what it is all about and show their support.

This is only the beginning.

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