The Football Federation Australia unveils Western Sydney Wanderers FC's brand identity via BMF

WSW_LOGO_1000x1000 copy.jpgThe Football Federation Australia has unveiled the brand identity of Australia's newest football club: Western Sydney Wanderers FC, created by BMF.

The announcement, which also unveiled the club's name and playing strip, marks the end of a three-month collaborative process between Football Federation Australia, BMF and the Western Sydney football community.

The process involved more than 1,000 passionate fans attended seven fan forums, and over 15,000 people completed an online survey to help define the spirit and identity of their football club.
WSW_JERSEY_435x244[1][2].jpgCentral to the launch was the club's brand identity, which was created by BMF and includes the Western Sydney Wanderers FC badge, club colours and brand book, and is intended to represent the Western Sydney region and their proud football heritage. The brand identity was designed to demonstrate the club's grounding in football tradition, while also being modern and future focused enough to stand the test of time.

Says Lyall Gorman, executive chairman of the Western Sydney Wanderers: "Our vision is to be a world-class football club that is the pride of Western Sydney. Creating a powerful brand identity is a critical step towards this vision and I'm confident we have achieved this."

Says Shane Bradnick, BMF executive creative director: "We were passionate about creating a brand for the Western Sydney Wanderers FC that is representative of the area, its people, their football passion, the club's ambition, and ultimately we hope it's something that the fans can be proud of."

The new club will play its first match in the Hyundai A-League on the 6th of October against the Central Coast Mariners.

Agency: BMF
Client: Football Federation Australia


mb said:

Great bundesliga feel to it, I love it! Pity the roar can't change over to a logo that doesn't look like it was made for the NRL.

A footballer said:

Finally an Australian football club with an identify that doesn't make it look like a pom pom waving, baton twirling, septic playgroup. I'm already a fan.

Bling FC said:

And hopefully the arrival of this club will force Sydney FC into actually branding themselves properly as well, rather than just being Sydney's football club.

Big fan said:

This is a fantastic piece of work.

As a football fan everything just feels right.

Congratulations to all involved.

Boom said:

Velly nice

Danny Allslop said:

This is brilliant work. Even though the team is yet to kick a football in anger it already feels like it has a long history in the game. Borrows from all that is good in football around the world and not so try-hard MLS imitation of the game.

Well done BMF. If I wasn't a Victory member and Melbournian I would reconsider my allegiance.

bob said:

That must have been the bloodiest easiest job around.

All it would have taken was to convince the FFA to actually listen to the fans.

They had the colours (Red/Black), Name (Wanderers or Athletic), 2 kit choices (red & black stripes or red & black hoops), stadium (Parramatta and no ANZ) and 'brand' of having West or Western in the name handed to them on a platter.

The only thing was the logo, which wouldn't have been that hard to do.

Joe said:

bob, shut up

Ultimate superior design guru expert specialist said:

It looks like one of the ducks you see hanging in the window in Chinatown

QPR/Glasgow Rangers etc said:

Funny how European football clubs achieved the same results over a hundred years ago with the need for focus groups and adman.

Fredrock said:

BMF; specialists in mediocrity.

Chichola said:

As a passionate football fan and designer from Sydney's west, BMF have nailed it! Perfect logo. Well done to all involved!

Football Aussie Roos said:

I'm amazed and deleghted how quickly & professionally the WSW fc concept was brought together. Fantastic. Football is gradually getting its acy together.
The logo is OK, but it leavesit open for perhaps the logo to be updated or fine-tuned in the future. And that's ok, because Arsenal have done it, and so have liverpool fc. - and think of the extra shirts to be sold !

elizabeth sepulveda said:

congratulations !!!!! western sydney wanderers is a fantastic team , great players excellent coach. My family and i try to go to all the home games. We follow the team and we are really proud of them . But i have a complain , its not fair that because we are not members , we miss out on getting tickets just because the people that are members are getting 20 or more tickets . There should be a limit on how many they can get . So we can all share the excitement of being at the field.

disguted said:

Sydney wanderers are football PIGS . Why is it soccer promotes such violent pigs you are the worst spectators of all football codes.

Brian said:

Well done WSW you have a great team and great supporters , as a long time fan of Aust Football its great to have you on board. Iv lived in Perth for 10 years now and been a big follower of the Glory, happy to see the A league form to get the problem element out of the of the followers, the type of thing that kept the game down in this country because the media only talked about FOOTBALL violence and not the game.... So all I ask is stay committed to you club / the cause/ the football and try and keep the bad element that will take us back to the BAD OLD DAYS under raps. GOOD LUCK WITH BOTH THE FINALS AND THE MEATHEADS

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