Young Lions cyber team Garret Fitzgerald and Sam Dickson's final report from Cannes

Garret&Sam.jpgYoung Lions cyber team Garret Fitzgerald & Sam Dickson's final report for CB.

The sun has set for us on the Croisette for the last time and we're readying ourselves for the long haul home. It's fair to say we'll miss the land of loafers and linen, for as a Young Lion there's a lot you can you can learn on this surreal stretch of French coastline.
We were here for the Young Lions cyber comp, which took the form of a 24hr brief that kicked off early in the festival. Our client was the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and our task was to build a web banner that encouraged 18-34 year olds to raise awareness for children in the developing world who have no access to vaccines. We gave it a good crack, but of the 38 teams who fought it out, we were unfortunately amongst the 35 that left the Palais empty handed. However, despite the utter disappointment of not seeing the view from the podium, we still did see some amazing things during the rest of the festival.
A key highlight was Dan Wieden and Sir John Hegarty on the same stage. Educational, entertaining and all class, we weren't the only ones hanging on their every word.
Another interesting one was Andrew Keller from CP+B with Smokey Robinson. If you're wondering what they have in common, read up on their new venture 'Smoke Alarm'. In a nutshell, the idea is to create a giant emergency broadcast system for social issues using social media. Whether Smokey Robinson is the best choice to front it remains to be seen, but if the idea works we think there'll certainly be some more metal bound for Colorado.
Overall though, one of the best things we experienced was simply looking at all of the work on the walls down on the ground floor of the Palais. We're sure you're no strangers to flicking through award annuals, but there's something inspiring about seeing the latest and best stuff from around the world all in the one place. If you were ever having an off day at work and could open a door to that room from your agency, there's a fair chance you'd get your motivation back pretty quickly.
For now, like many of the Aussie delegation, pretty soon it's back home and back to work. To those thinking about entering Young Lions next year - go for it. If you get through, it's a truly unique experience we're certain you won't forget anytime soon.

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