Coles signs Status Quo to sing 'Down Down, Prices are Down' in extended TVC via Big Red

Screen shot 2012-07-11 at 9.31.34 AM.jpgDown Down, Prices are Down! You know the song and now you can sing along with Status Quo in the extended tv commercial, created by Big Red, Melbourne.

And punters can pick up their own Big Red Hand Guitar at any Coles store.



haha said:

love it... so bad its good. better than that victoria tourism.. sorry i mean woolies stuff

Huffy said:

I give this two massive red thumbs down.

Cowering. said:

Someone has gone to the depths of hell and brought this artefact back to mankind. Behold it's power. It has sprung from the loins of the devil himself. It is the anti-ad.

Clem Ranger said:

Not since the Old Spice ads have I seen our creatives standing around computers with their jaws dropping. One guy stopped breathing...

not bald yet said:

Cringeworthy stuff. Will sell shedloads....for Woolies.

Jay said:

Coles and Woolies are killing farmers, brands and jobs. They are driven by greed. Try to find Greenseas Tuna at Coles. You can't, it's gone. Then what happens to the Heinz marketing team? What happens to their ad agency (Marmalade)? Multiply that by all the brands they have dropped.

Then that smug prick says, saving money is never boring. Fuck me. Like to see him say that to a farmer over here who has just been told that his milk price is too high.

hope the products have better taste said:

How many relics is teddy going to dish up, normie, status quo etc, etc is he talking to the sixties plus, please some one trash his music's stale.. even the writing is forced, cheesy and on the nose...extended version...someone please put it down

Jen said:

It's hilarious. Well done.

Mojo said:

I'm sure that's Craig Davis hovering by the mixing desk.

Sm said:

You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

From client to creative, right through to Satus Quo

ted said:

That song is sooo rockin. The real version that is.

omg said:

what a pile of s..t. really thats the best you can do?

Barry Crocker said:

Now this I LOVE. Good work guys.

BLOB said:

Urggghhh... This whole campaign is giving us all Down Down Syndrome.

Jack Russell said:

Now playing in Guantanamo Bay 24/7.

Shattered said:

I loved this band as a kid. Now I hate them.

You could have given me the money said:

I would have taken a steaming turd and gone at it with a whipper snipper. As the poo nuggets were flying at anyone within spray distance, I would have to remain disappointed that I still hadn't spread shit as thin as these sad bastards.


Karma said:

All you little bastards that download all your music instead of paying for it, this is what happens when those bands don't get their royalty cheques.

The Depth of Creative Hell said:

Oh my fucking god

asdfa said:

what a bunch of cocks!!!!


Simon said:

The Coles shopping experience is what I imagine supermarket shopping in 1972 was like so this ad makes perfect sense.

The dark side of the palace said:

From one of the 'Dukes' of the palace people.

Challenge said:

Here's a challenge for your all.
You own a company that manufactures and distributes a supermarket grocery line.
Both WW and Coles offer to stock your products if you contribute to having your products included in their respective advertising campaigns.
But if they don't sell they'll be delisted.
The challenge:
Which campaign would you rather be contributing to if your company's life depended on it? WW's or Coles?

vorsprung durch technic said:


Marty said:

Fantastic. Clever ad
Honest rock = honest prices
Catchy tune for the young one so mums bugged by the young ones
Humorous and smart advertising
Should be more of this style of advertising

ANDY said:

Keep pumping this stuff out Ted.I know u dont give a f..k what the knockers say.
The cash registers are ringing louder at Coles making us shareholders very happy.

Steve said:

We all make mistakes with poor creative judgement at times, but these ads: the first, the second and now this are beyond a joke. This is not advertising, and I really feel for the people that stand behind the creative leadership of this agency. There is no excuse for this kind of stupidity, and the client is even more of an idiot for paying for this. How embarrassing, imagine being a marketing director, suit, planner and worse a creative on this business and walking into a room telling people what you do for a living. Then what ads you've made. People would hate you. Oh, hold on but you would say I sell shitloads of products. No you don't! the prices do, and men and women with potentially grey hair in a glass room come up with those ideas.
You just tell people about them in a really bad way. People now still hate you and you're useless, very sad.

Big Red said:

They're just playing the hands they were dealt .....

I am one of those people Steve ... said:

... people know what I do. And I am sure as hell not hated for it. Nor am I useless. You need to relax ace, and calm down. Do you really believe the marketers at Coles are idiots? Really? Do you?

Don't be sad for me Steve. I am a content man. I will sleep well tonight, and look forward to work tomorrow. But what about you Steve? Do you go to sleep with a smile on your face? I somehow doubt it.

Not me either Steve said:

I'm 'one of those people' too Steve. But don't worry - I'm content. My wife and kids like and love me. I sleep well at night. And like 10:57 I too think that the people who inhabit Coles marketing are probably pretty smart people. Since they started with all this 'Curtis Stone/Down Down 'stupidity', Coles the WW marketing director has been replaced and M&C lost the account. [I somehow think M&C were the fall-guys for WW's ineptness]. So, I reckon all the people involved with Coles marketing probably sleep very well indeed. But, you know what Steve? It's only advertising. We all do it - sometimes bad, sometimes good. If it's going to upset you so much, you really need to get a hobby, or find another way of making a living. Or, why don't you open your own agency and show the world how it really should be done. Better still, call the marketing director of Coles - his name is Simon McDowell - and tell him how he's doing it all wrong. And when you do, could you organise it so we could all listen in?

Reality said:

I get that Coles is making money by adopting a strategy that talks to the lowest common denominator in society: people who buy everything on price, and price alone.

So this shitty work is perfect for where they're at. And Ted is very cleverly making a mint by unashamedly churning this stuff out for them. Although I'll bet that even he cringed at the car crash that was normie rowe.

Where I have a problem, is that marketing people looking after brands that actually need something MORE than Harvey Norman/Frank Walker's Bargain Tiles/Dumbarse Coles Jingles levels of annoyance, might be deluded into thinking that this kind of work is some sort of magic formula for success.

It's not.

This is NOT good advertising. This is a basic representation of a good retail strategy. It's Coles pricing, Coles screwing of suppliers, Coles huge distribution, that is providing return to shareholders.

Open your eyes said:

You people can justify this however you like.

Fact is, you operate with zero integrity. Your decisions and your work are sending the industry and brand backwards. Yes, I'm sure the cash registers are going crazy -
the same can be said about 'Brand Power' and 'Demtel'......

$ is not a measure of greatness and does not equate to longevity - surely you so called marketing experts know this.

Enjoy your sleep boys - but in the long run when the Big Reds of the world cash in and disappear you will be left with a brand name that has as much credibility as 'Clints Crazy Bargains'..............and they're dead.

Building a brand VS burning one said:

Everyone talking about Coles smashing Woolworths – first it's not true. Woolworths still has the majority of market share.

The basis for both of their strategies started years ago. While the Campaign Palace were doing nice looking Coles spots all about the convenience of shopping at Coles and how quickly you could get in and out, the word from the top at Woolies was 'make it look cheap'. Woolies is still paying for that, trying to convince consumers it's fresh and quality, after all those years of deliberately bad retail. Essentially now they're swapping places – Woolies was cheap and cheerful, Coles was premium – now it's the reverse.

In some instances a loss-leading offer will get people to drive that extra 2km to do their shopping. In reality it takes years to get people to fully convert to their preferred supermarket. In the current market place, across all categories, people are willing to pay a little more for quality, something Woolies have very cleverly cottoned on to.

The only thing Coles is doing right is its sponsorship of Masterchef and Curtis Stone, no matter how terrible the ads are, that's what is working. But they're spending almost double what Woolies are to achieve that, not smart retail by any stretch of the imagination.

sad, just sad. said:

I can't unsee this.

adsfad said:

Just wait for the backlash

Hard as I try said:

I can't keep the rising vomit down, down.

small red said:

you'd think with all that cash, they'd have an operational website.

Goes to show how old-school these guys are.

dave said:

I am so happy coles is about to get exposed as not having a brand.

Wilquo said:

Lighten up you poor sods. Great ad from a great group. The Quo have outlasted most groups of their era. Apologies to the Stones on this momentous day. They have never taken themselves seriously and guess what,they still don't. Keep on rocking and f... The knockers. Those of us who love them dont give a flying f... What others think.
Cheers and rock on

kazza said:

Ha I knew I used to have their posters on my wall!! Took me awhile to work out who was singing!!!! Rock on Status Quo :-)

Winnie said:


Steve said:

10:57 and 9:34. You just don't get it do you. We hate you and we're all consumers. I bet you have that red hand hung up in your mans room.

Jay Norton said:

I wonder what Bill HIcks would have said? Something about the devil and an appendige.

Fair play said:

In honesty, if I had that brief I'd make flying to London to record my childhood heroes in the studio responsible for the best albums in the world a mandatory. I'd make sure the post was done there as well, maybe pop over to France a couple of weekends, stretch it out to a couple of weeks, then take an extra week once it was done.

I wouldn't post it here when I got back tho!

Basil Grant said:

Some of you people just don't have a sense of humour...
"How are ya, all right??? Just a little bit of jiggin about ta get yas all goin'"
Come on guys, Parfitt and Rossi aren't going to gain any more fans with this, nor shall they lose their die-hards, (unfortunately I'm one of them, and love it), but they will make a shitload of bucks, and if Coles wants to pay them, half their luck.

Optimist said:

It ok to criticise the the concept and to want the change the policies of the multi nationals but for god sake lighten on the band.

SteveOZ said:

Down down, apples are down (on the ground, hundreds of thousands of them as Coles and Woolies would only buy granny smiths). And even then, the profit margin from farmers derived from the sale of the ones accept is hardly even worth while.

john ferreira said:

I would like to know what the status quo, the vicar of dibley and curtis stone ad campaigns have cost coles? Coles were asked for a ten percent pensioner discount on staples but were not willing to do that. To the supermarkets: you don't need to advertise, we the consumers have very little choice where to buy our groceries. Give me IGA any day

Harry Dickulous said:

Exactly HOW clever or sinister is this campaign?

Down Down by Status Quo (1975)

(Coles’ National Anthem)

Get down deeper and down (into your pockets)
Down down deeper and down (into your purse)
Down down deeper and down (into your wallets)
Get down deeper and down (into your bank accounts)

I want all the world to see
To see you’re laughing
And you’re laughing at me
I can take it all from you (your money that is)
Again again again again again again again
Deeper and down
Down down deeper and down
Down down deeper and down
Down down deeper and down
Get down deeper and down

I have all the ways you see (in store CCTV)
To keep you guessing (where the products come from)
Stop your messing with me (is this a sinister threat?)
You’ll be back to find your way (because we have a duopoly)
Again again again again again again again
Deeper and down
Down down deeper and down
Down down deeper and down
Down down deeper and down
Get down (on your knees)

Get down deeper and down
Down down deeper and down
Down down deeper and down
Get down deeper and down

I have found out you see (especially if you have FlyBuys)
I know what you’re doing
What you`re doing to me (making me rich)
I’ll keep on and say to you
Again again again again again again again
Deeper and down
Down down deeper and down
Down down deeper and down
Down down deeper and down
Get down (on your knees)

early said:

the thin edge of the wedge, I heard this played on a radio station the other day, it was then back announced as if it were a real track and not a paid commercial, very dangerous ground folks. The new subliminal is here.

merlin said:

status coles now sold out all their old fans well must of needed the money as if these big super markets stopped so called promotions of rewards and pretence petrol discounts at expence of rissing grocery prices to pay for it we all pay proof the bottom line we are not all fools these gimics their pulling in weak minded with all payed for at the check out by everyone whom shops their all this so called savings should be on lower prices not pretence of lower prices as we all pay for these fancy sales gimics the proof the bottom line again their giving nothing way except deceat and marketing their not loosing money for it so be honest and deliver the low prices without high profile figures maybe the public will see the real game game sett n match

Slinkymalinky said: so over 'old rockers' making comebacks when what little talent they had - has left...give me a break!

Linda said:

Kid says to Dad "I wanna be a rock star when I grow up" Dad says "Not a good idea son because you will become an old rock star & sing for Coles in yr geriatric years. Get a real job instead"
Sad that old rock stars have to resort to singing lame ads for a supermarket to survive. Gives me a new reason not to shop at Coles .

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