"Don't hold back, Australia" the catchcry in new series of 10 sec. spots for Jeep via CumminsRoss

Screen shot 2012-07-28 at 11.41.27 AM.jpgJeep Australia is making the most of its Olympics sponsorship, airing a series of 10 second spot via CumminsRoss, Melbourne with the message: Don't hold back, Australia.



Truth Teller said:

Cringeworthy; jingoistic, predictable, unoriginal, forced, awful.

A real channel changer.

Milo said:

Didnt watch all of them after 3 very stereotypical representations

Oi Oi Oi said:

Weird for a Yank brand. I know Toyota and AFL but Jeep is so American.

Quite smart said:

I reckon they are smart. They seemto cost nothing but have the same basic impact at the far more overblown and far larger budgets. I think Jeep is a smart brand. And CumminsRoss is a smart agency. They are making Jeep an Australian brand. Where as once no one drove yank tanks. That is smart.

Nik said:

Love it !!!!!! so Australian

Client side said:

I love it when the client makes their own ads.

why would you? said:

The athletes got where they are by not holding back...seems a huge waste of money to tell our athletes not to hold back...unless you think they're being bribed ...think the agency held back on creativity on this one!

Love the olympics said:

I like them. I think these ads are a nice reprieve from the overly emotional olympic ads, they are a bit of fun. Short and sweet!! There sure are a lot of Jeep Ads in 9's coverage, and many of Coles as well, but there is at least a bit of variety with the Jeep ones. Don't hold back Jeep! Don't hold back Australia!

Wednesday said:

I love them! I feel like one of them! Don't hold back australia!

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