Editor Billy Browne joins activemotion

billy2_edited-1.jpgactivemotion has announced that Billy Browne will be joining their rank of editors.

Browne found his new home in Melbourne after twelve years as the right-hand man of Jill Bilcock, lending his skills to a slew music videos and feature films the latter including Mental (which will close MIFF 2012), Red Dog, Blessed, The Young Victoria, Elizabeth - The Golden Age, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark and Moulin Rouge.
Says Browne: "I was attempting to decide between two other major facilities and actually cancelled my meeting with active. Fortunately they convinced me to drop by and my mind was made up. I guess I like that active isn't all showy, yet they're technically and creatively up with the top facilities I've worked with over the years. So many places have a 'home' vibe that quickly becomes see-through. active actually does feel like a home. You can almost smell the baked goods!"

Says Emma Reynolds, producer and one half of the husband-wife owner duo: "We're incredibly excited to have a senior editor of Billy's calibre join our team. He offers a rare opportunity for directors to experience fresh talent in the commercial world backed with years of film experience. We're delighted that he's chosen activemotion as his new digs. He brings a new energy that complements our already strong story-telling capacity, bringing 200% and a smile to every job."
Browne responds to questions about being an editor with his usual humour.

Says Browne: "Editor? No... I'm a tapestry maker, a basket threader! I mash and blend things together! And I do that while keeping the director, agency and clients at ease. Sometimes I'm a marriage counsellor."
Browne can be contacted through activemotion, located in South Melbourne. 


AF said:

Billy is a wonderful editor and lovely man to be trapped in a room with while having to make commercials.

Marcus Hamill said:

Great editor and a great company. Looking forward to working with you again soon.

GT said:

Love the shot in the bath BB!!!!

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