Fantastic Delites launches 'Delite-o-matic' vending machine via Clemenger BBDO Adelaide

Campaign image 1.jpgA new campaign by Clemenger BBDO Adelaide for Fantastic Delites sets out to see how far people will go for a free pack of Fantastic Delites.
Says Erik de Roos, account director at Clemenger BBDO Adelaide: "We started with the insight that once people try Fantastic Delites, they generally end up buying them. So we were looking for a unique way to get people to taste the product."

Campaign image 2.jpgThe result is an interactive vending machine dubbed the "Delite-o-matic" which gives people a free pack of Fantastic Delites by means of pushing a button hundreds of times or performing challenges.
The Delite-o-matic was put out on the streets to prove that because Fantastic Delites taste so good, people will go to incredible lengths to get them.
Says Michael Neale, chief marketing officer, Fantastic Snacks: "When the agency first presented the idea we immediately felt it was a great way to get consumer participation and engagement.

"The most compelling part of the idea for us, however, was that the product and its core benefit sits at the very heart of it."
The project was made possible with the support of Adelaide based production company Anifex, who built the Delite-o-matic from scratch and managed the video production.
Says Richard Chataway, Anifex: "We knew the project was going to challenge us right from the very start. But at the same time we also recognized it was a unique project so we jumped at the opportunity to be involved."
The Delite-o-matic campaign has officially launched today with an online video and a consumer promotion where consumers can play a virtual version of the Delite-o-matic to win prizes. The machine is also making an appearance in Southern Cross station in Melbourne today to help support the launch, with more videos expected to be released in the coming weeks.


Mike said:

Well done. Great fun.

Love it said:

Fantastic. Delights.

Nice said:

I have nothing to do with the agency that made this and still really like it. Nice to see some news about an Adelaide agency too

Dorks said:


It'll clean up.

great stuff said:

nice and simple... look forward to seeing the follow up.

Delited said:


Huffy said:

Good stunt. Very simple.

jason burrows said:

Brilliance !

TT said:


April 11, 2012 said:

It's okay, but would probably do better with a catchier name like "A dramatic surprise on a quiet square." Red buttons were soooo April 2012.

Hands up if you want a Cannes said:

Well, it's clear that somebody over there wants a Cannes..... I see your 2012 Cannes-winning TNT surprise idea, and raise you a 2009 Cannes-winning Pringles banner ad idea. Keep 'em coming Adelaide! You'll scam one out of the judges eventually.

2 guys above said:

To think this idea is just about pressing buttons you're both short-sided. Well done Clem's, simple idea and a surprising take on a very old proposition.

Old Proposition said:

People will make an arse of themselves for free stuff. Yes, that is "a very old proposition."

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