Kimberly-Clark asks punters 'have you ever been Grippled?' as puppies sniff people's bums in new campaign for Kleenex Cottonelle via JWT Sydney

Screen shot 2012-07-06 at 12.48.37 PM.jpgScreen shot 2012-07-06 at 12.59.18 PM.jpgKimberly-Clark, via JWT Sydney, has launched a new campaign promoting its Kleenex Cottonelle brand, featuring a puppy that sniffs people's bums.

The product is now 25% stronger and features ripples - dubbed Gripples in the campaign - designed to deliver a cleaner bottom.


View the 'Have you ever been Grippled?' teaser
View the 'Are you a Grippler?' teaser

Agency: JWT Sydney
ECD: Mark Harricks
Creative team: John Lam and Laurie Geddes
Planner: Veronik Myburgh
Group Account Director: Adrianne Nixon


Art said:

That's shittle

Hairy Arsed said:

Can't help but think a more honest approach to the problem/solution would have had more cut-through...

FL said:

Loved it!

Ann said:

Scratching my head on this one!

Momentarily Confused said:

There's a possibility that the less-than-attentive viewer may confuse Gripples (good) with Klinkers (bad).

Al said:

Completely grossed me out. A dog sniffing peoples' arses?! What the hell are they thinking.

Nice said:

That's brilliant.

Kudos to the client and whoever sold that in.

Brave brave brave

Bleh said:

Quite honestly 'Gripples' sound like little bits of turd stuck to arse hair.

Watto said:

One occasion where toilet humour is entirely appropriate.

wathewat said:

I now never want to be seen with Labrador puppy branded T.P. in my trolley for fear of people thinking I have gripples. Fail!

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