Droga5 Australia founding partner and MD Marianne Bess leaves agency to return to the US

Marianne Bess.jpgDroga5 Australia managing director and one of the original founding partners, Marianne Bess, has made the decision to leave the agency and return to the US.
Bess, an American, who ran the massive North American Toyota account for Saatchi & Saatchi in LA, before moving to Sydney in 2002 to join David Nobay at Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney. She started Droga5 in Australia, alongside Nobay and Sudeep Gohil, almost five years ago.
Bess said it had been an amazing ride. Says Bess: "When we started the company, there was only three of us, no business and just big dreams. Five years on, we're close to 100 people and working on many of Australia's most respected brands. I wouldn't have missed a moment of it, but now it's time to focus more on my personal life. Plus, I want to get home before the madness of Presidential election is over."
Gohil, Droga5 CEO/partner said Bess had been a central part of the story since day one.

Says Gohil: "I speak for all the partners when I say I wish her only the very best for this next chapter in her life," he said.
There are no immediate plans to replace her position.


garyd said:

All the very best for your move back home, exciting times ahead, gary

Drogette said:

We will miss you. Our adopted 'Ranga". Good luck with your new adventures. Don't forget to let share our 'Fanta pants' and 'Ginger Nut' jokes over in the US. I hope they laugh like we did. Go Obama.

Lunch buddy said:

I know the last couple of months have been messy. Let us all move on. The great fun we had will never be forgotten. The lunches and the late night sessions with the creatives. The wins and the losses. Good luck. Nobody will replace you. LB.

Mike said:

I remember my first day at D5. I walked in and you made me welcome. Thanks. "The future is a day we have not experienced yet." I will always remember you saying that to me. Best wishes.

grrrr said:

i reckon she's a bit of allllriiiiiight....

Push or shove said:

What happens at D5 stays at D5.

Jasmine said:

Sad to hear you are leaving Oz. Great working with you.

Babs said:

Best account lead i ever worked with. Clients and creatives love her. Very hard to replace.

Anne Miles said:

I don't know Marianne, but from the outside looking in Droga5 have some great values in business and I trust that these will be retained without her. Great job on the hiring policy!

MB Loyal Fan said:

Kudos to Marianne for her role in building Droga 5. An impressive milestone in a stellar career. Thrilled she's decided to return stateside and take some well deserved time for herself and her adoring husband.

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