Sarah Silverman offers to 'Scissor' Sheldon Adelson, Romney's biggest financial supporter

Screen shot 2012-07-17 at 10.27.43 AM.jpgU.S. casino magnate Sheldon Adelson has committed $100 million to defeat Barack Obama. Sarah Silverman has a proposal for him...


Note: Unlike 'The Great Schlep' four years ago, Droga5 New York did not do this one.


b said:

It's times like these I wish I was a 78 year-old Las Vegas Billionaire.

curious said:

Funny. I thought she was fucking Matt Damon?

Erghh said:

Id pay Obama 100 million dollars to not have to hear that annoying Flatbush accent ever again.

Inconsistent said:

How come she's only ever funny during election time?

Anonymous said:

She's great. I love her.

Anonymous said:

Shouldn't there be some reference to 'erection time' in her video?

harold holt said:

I love a good erection stunt.

Mike said:

It's actually not really that funny - it's just pointlessly smutty. Now I like a bit of smut just like anyone else, but it's irrelevant here and diminishes the Obama brand.

Sure, you'll get a bunch of 15 year olds watching the video on Youtube, but to the people who really matter for this product (people who might give a donation to Obama) this tone of voice is a negative rather than a positive. The great shlep had a warmth to it that people could relate to - quirky yet middle ground.

This, however, lacks wit (being dirty isn't witty - it's just dirty) and drags the liberal brand in America back into the kooky wierd cliche that they have been working so hard to overcome. Like, would you trust an economy to someone with this tone of voice?

Now I'm sure Obama had nothing to do with this, and would not endorse it in anyway. But the chuckleheads who made this really need to pull their finger out and realise that being shocking and puerile is the lowest form of advertising, and any CD worth their salt who sees this on their reel will think the lesser of them for it.

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