Sixty40 wins gold at Digital Media World's AEAF Awards in education and training category

nbn_explainer_FullRes_2011_10_28_00008_edited-1.jpgSixty40 for the second year running, brings home gold in the AEAF Awards held by Digital Media World. This year being rewarded for best in the "Education and Training" category. Awarded for just one of the series of explainer videos designed, scripted and animated for the NBN.

This reflects a move into the production of online content for Sixty40, which combines world class animation skills and character design with a script development and content consultation service. Online content is exploding and Sixty40 is offering this service to both advertising agencies and businesses to help them get their messages across with the humour and sophistication that keeps people watching while secretly sneaking information to them.

nbn_explainer_FullRes_2011_10_28_00001.jpgSays Mark Simpson "This type of educational or 'explainer' video is a big category in the animation industry now. We pride ourselves on knowing how to do them right to keep people engaged."

Character Design: Matt Taylor

Directed by: Matt Taylor and Mark Simpson
Animated by: Sebastian Danta, Will Mercer, Brad Pickford

Sound: Plush Films


Brian Philger said:

Congrats dudes. Nailing it.

Rob Belgiovani said:

So hot right now.

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