Snackfoods, beverages, automotive, department store & retail fashion industries on top in May's Facebook Performance Report via Online Circle

online circle.jpgThe May Facebook Performance Report by Melbourne digital media agency Online Circle is now available to download.

It provides businesses with success benchmarks and an understanding of the strategies and tactics behind some of Australia's most successful branded Facebook Pages.

Download the full report here
This bi-monthly report covers the top twenty brands across 12 different industries and what they are doing to engage with their customers on Facebook.

The Report for May underlines the learning of the previous reports that advertising and promotional activity are the most popular and successful means of engaging a brand's Facebook fan base.

The addition features such as Facebook Offers has enhanced the retailer's ability to use Facebook as a serious business tool; driving demand and generating measurable in-store traffic and revenues.

The leading five industries from the March 2012 report continue to hold sway at the top of the rankings for the May Report; FMCG Snackfoods, Retail Fashion, FMCG Beverages, the Automotive industry and Department Stores.

While not gaining as many new fans ('likes') in May as in March, the FMCG Snackfoods industry gained more fans than any other industry and is responsible for one in three of all new 'likes' across the twelve industries..

Being the fastest growing industry doesn't necessarily translate to becoming the most engaged. On a more micro or brand level, as fan bases gain in size, the engagement rate tends to decrease due to the difficulties the brand can have activating the larger fan base to the same level.

For instance, FMCG Snackfoods were responsible for over one in five (20.4%) of all engagement activities for May, but couldn't match the high level of interest achieved by the Retail - Fashion industry which generated 31.4% of all engagements.

The leading five industries are responsible for 84% of all engagements. This highlights the need for less supported and engaged industries such as Travel - Airlines and Travel - Accommodation to focus on gaining a higher level of activation amongst their fan base. There is a rich vein of data and information available by competitive and industry benchmarking locally as well as internationally. This can be applied tactically and strategically to improve the performance of a business' Facebook page.

The Facebook Report contains more detailed insights and statistics for those managing or working with corporate brands. The twelve industries that are covered in the May 2012 issue are:

  • Travel
  • Airlines
  • Accommodation
  • Automotive Manufacturers
  • Banking and Financial
  • Telecoms companies
  • Retail and Department Stores
  • Fashion
  • Grocery
  • Liquor and Beverages
  • FMCG
  • Snack Foods

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