NAB creates 'Stand-Ins' to help fans get to the AFL Grand Final via Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

01 Lollipop Lady.jpgClemenger BBDO Melbourne has created a competition to highlight NAB's sponsorship of the AFL by creating The NAB Stand-Ins - a team of twenty NAB men and women willing to fulfill footy fans' prior commitments on match day, leaving them free to go to the big game.

02 Grooming looking at watch.jpgThe Stand-Ins will turn up to whatever and wherever a fan is supposed to be on 29th September: work, a children's birthday party, a Christening, a house auction - even their own wedding.

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne executive creative director, Ant Keogh, says recent research confirms the idea meets a genuine consumer need.

Says Keogh: "We found that nearly half of Victoria would give up whatever they were meant to be doing that day in order to get to the Grand Final. Footy fans said they would give up beer, hand over their mobile phone and even give up wearing deodorant for a year to get a seat at the game. I'm hoping we're not sitting next to those fans."

Sandra De Castro, NAB chief marketing officer, says the bank is proud to open their allocation of 2012 AFL Grand Final tickets up to the fans.

Says De Castro: "This campaign breathes life into one of the most gratifying components of NAB's 'more give, less take' promise: our dedication to doing the right thing.

"As a bank, we are committed to being competitive and this is inherent in all that we do.  We asked ourselves what we could do to support the unsung heroes of the game - the fans - and Stand-Ins seemed like a good solution."

To apply, fans need to submit in 50 words or less why they need a NAB Stand-In on Grand Final Day via NAB's Facebook page or at

The campaign includes the competition, social media, online, outdoor, TV, radio, press and in-store executions.

For more information on the campaign, click here.

ECD - Ant Keogh
Creative Directors - Rohan Lancaster, Darren Pitt, Julian Schreiber, Tom Martin
Art Director - Russel  Fox
Writer - Ben Keenan
Agency Producer - Sevda Cemo

Client Services Director - Simon Lamplough
Account Director - Belinda Danks-Woodley
Account Director - Jessica Hughes
Account Manager - Kate Joiner
Senior Planner - Heather Lewis

Sandra De Castro - Chief Marketing Officer
Kevin Ramsdale - General Manger of Brand
Jodi Geddes - Head of Enterprise Sponsorship and Events
Lesa Brown - Brand Manager, Planning Brand Management

Director - The Glue Society
Production Company - Will O_Rourke
Editor - Tim Parrington
Executive Producer - Michael Ritchie
Producer - Ian Iveson
Head of Projects - Josh Mullens
DOP (cinematographer) - Rob Marsh
Post Production Offline - The Butchery
Online Operator - Eugene Richards
Post Production Online  - The Refinery
Sound - Flagstaff Studios
Sound Engineer - Paul Le Couteur
Music - Level Two Music / Flagstaff Studios

Digital Production - Celia Karl
Print Production - Ben Nash


Not from Clems. said:

damn it, i like it.

Hard To Please said:

That's a funny idea.

Not from Clems either said:

The basic thinking isn't fresh - a number of US beer brands have gone down this path conceptually - but the extensions into a full campaign are nice.

Get someone with a digital camera to record the "stand-ins" in action on the actual day, you never know what unscripted magic might turn up, and it's useful for splicing into the submission video, anyway *wink wink*

Arthur Bertram said:

I need a Stand-in as 29/9 is my day to do the housework

Arthur Bertram said:

I need a Stand-In as it is my turn to mow the grass

Dorks said:


johnny said:

crap - what happened to Clemenger? What happened to the glue society??

So mediocre....

Footy Watcher said:

Just saw it on TV. Bloody funny idea.
Well done boys, whoever you are (in Clemenger).

Great research said:

The research described by Keogh is AWESOME. Wish the campaign was about that, because the offer is so buried under an unnecessary idea at the moment... It's just all a bit too "clever" to really connect with.

Michael Getinsky said:

I do wish Level Two would stop crediting themselves as "Music by' when all Karl does is license an existing track, which is a lot different to having the talent need to create one. It should read "Music licensing by'.

Ktel said:

Where can we apply to be a stand-in?

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