NAB tempts 'Big Brother' housemates with freedom and $20,000 cash in audacious new guerilla stunt via Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

Mission Pepperoni.jpgCB Exclusive - NAB has launched the first chapter of its 'Where Freedom Lives' campaign by attempting a mission to free the nation's most promoted group of people locked in a home: The Big Brother House.

In a campaign created by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, NAB shows the people of Australia that they really understand that nobody likes to be 'locked in'.

Unfortunately, there are still millions of Australians who aren't free, but locked in their homes with other banks; stuck in inflexible home loans that don't accommodate their needs.

NAB is attempting to make contact with the housemates and call on them to break free. And to show how serious they are, NAB has put out a reward to the first housemate who decides to choose freedom over being locked in the Big Brother house with $20,000 cash.

Mission Loudspeaker.jpgSays NAB: "We simply will not stand idly by while innocent people, even reality TV show contestants are locked within a home. It's just a matter of principle."

And when they're done there, NAB's going to turn its unwavering attention to everyday Australians trapped by inflexible home loans and try to free them as well.
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In case you were wondering... said:

Honestly, this is exactly what Big Brother needs... At least I am now interested about it. God I hope this goes on for a while, there is so much room to do stuff with this...

...I just wonder how long it'll take before the producers go North Korea and set up land mines and anti air missiles around the joint.

Free Willy said:

C*nt Bank try and spend their way into our hearts and minds. NAB just keep on being unexpected and interesting.

e said:

good...but the pizza execution is a little disappointing.

I should have said:

I regret adding to the apparent effectiveness through adding 'views' to the tube videos. On the plus side, it was cheap.

My take out will be Pizzas from Freedom next time.

Mel Gibson said:

Nice idea.

Impressed said:

Nab once again prove they have more guts than any other client in Australia.

Reality Check said:

Connection to locked-in home loans - let's not forget, THAT'S the subject matter with this campaign - is tenuous at best. But of course the chaps at Clems Melb can do no wrong, so we'll just overlook that. Try to think like a member of the public, who I suggest will not understand this work and its supposed relevance to mortgages. But having that, at least it doesn't require the Olympic level of mental gymnastics needed to understand the NAB 'honesty' campaign.

This is Big Brother said:

Simple. Funny.

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