The Feds director Josh Logue creates music video for indie band The Rubens' 'My Gun' song

mygun.jpgJosh Logue, award winning director with The Feds has just finished the new music video for indie band The Rubens 'My Gun'.

Logue's background in design and live visual projection has been the foundation for his highly unique directing style and continuous work for big name bands such as Empire of the Sun, Boy & Bear and Hilltop Hoods.

the.jpgIn addition to shooting this latest piece, Logue also lead the design and visual effects through his design company Mathematics.

Logue is currently working on a number of original creative projects developed with The Feds, including a pilot for an international TV series and an interactive music rubens.jpgproject.


T Bang said:

Great, well done dudez

What? said:

... has this got to do with advertising?

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