Vale Henry Winkler - the art director's art director and one of Australia's great typographers

Henry_Winkler_Mono-web.jpgHenry Winkler, who was known by many in the Melbourne advertising industry, sadly passed away last Thursday, after a lengthy battle with cancer.
Winkler enjoyed a long and distinguished career at agencies including Leonardi & Curtis, Clemenger BBDO, Y&R and most recently AJF, before retiring 18 months ago.
Screen shot 2012-08-13 at 6.49.47 PM.jpgScreen shot 2012-08-13 at 6.54.31 PM.jpgScreen shot 2012-08-13 at 6.43.26 PM.jpgScreen shot 2012-08-13 at 6.48.53 PM.jpgScreen shot 2012-08-13 at 6.52.10 PM.jpgWinkler just loved print. His unbridled passion for making great ads, and his meticulous standards, meant he was revered and admired by all those who had the honour to work with him. He was the art director's art director and one of Australia's great typographers.
He will be greatly missed by family and friends alike.
There will be a memorial get together for friends and colleagues in the industry to celebrate his life. Details will be posted soon on Campaign Brief. 


Northy said:

Very sad news. Henry was studio manager at Leonardi & Curtis when I was 18 and starting my first job in advertising. Back in those days, artwork was often delivered on the backs of motorbikes, and it was not uncommon for bits of type to fly off en route. I learnt some great new words from Henry when they did. He was a friend and a mentor, and would often leave me for hours in the bromide room in the hope that I might develop.

Glenn said:

A great man. Hope they serve hot chips and gravy up there for you mate.

Steve said:

A purist and a great man.

Peter Becker said:

Without Henry, Clems Melbourne would not have become a great print agency, or have won awards for print, which we realised was part of becoming a great agency.
That's why we tracked Henry down. He was instrumental in that change, and it'd be fair to say that neither myself, Tony Leishman, Tony Greenwood, Sarah Barclay, Michael Andrews, MIchael Davey and many others would have done it quite as well without the 'grumpy old German', with a heart of gold, and a determination to make everything he touched 'Gold'. Working with you was just a joy. ( sorry this is in Aerial Regular, Henry)

Jay said:

There goes a man.
Thanks for everything you taught me at AJF and thanks for being a good mate. Oh and thanks also for the the dvd of 4000 free fonts, it will be passed on to many more art directors. What a great pleasure it was working with you. If I could I'd kern this message I would.
Henry! Rest well mate.

Dolores said:

I guess I won't hear the words "How the F#!*" are you?” any more, and it makes me so very sad. Henry took me under his wings when I started at Leonardi & Curtis at 20, made sure that I not only learnt everything about the craft of typography and the eye for good artwork and art direction, but also kept the wolfs at bay from a young naive girl. I'll treasure all the memories especially the funny ones, in particular his belief that his family didn't know he smoked!! Any one who worked with him at Leonardi & Curtis will know what I mean. It has been a joy to have Henry in my life's journey.

Sad loss said:

A good and decent man who will be sadly missed. If ever there was an unsung hero of advertising it was Henry Winkler.

Glen said:

Henry loved ideas. He got a real buzz out of making them happen, and making sure they shone.
He certainly had a gift...the things he did always looked effortlessly 'right' – which is never effortless.
He never failed to coerce me (in that soft, gently-encouraging German way) to rewrite my copy dozens of times to get rid of the widows and improve the line-breaks. Even on the retail stuff.
He made us all better at our craft and our job.
And we loved him for it.
He will be missed. Not just for who he was, but because there are so few of the true craftsmen like Henry left.

mat said:

I'm a writer, so the microscopic levels of care that Henry took on type was a mystery to me. But what most impressed me was how he spoke about, and treated, his family--wife, daughters, grandchildren. Behind the carefully cultivated grumpy facade, he was an incredibly generous and caring man. It was a pleasure to work with him.

john p said:

another one who Henry took under his wing. had a cold when i flew over for my interview, wreaked havoc with my ears, so when i kept on saying "what" in the interview Henry thought i was taking the piss out him. going out for smokes in clems carpark, beers after 5, hearing him say "I just want to do ads" damn, what a great person. did so much for me. very, very sad. dimmies all round.

john p said:

another one who Henry took under his wing. had a cold when i flew over for my interview, wreaked havoc with my ears, so when i kept on saying "what" in the interview Henry thought i was taking the piss out him. going out for smokes in clems carpark, beers after 5, hearing him say "I just want to do ads" damn, what a great person. did so much for me. very, very sad. dimmies all round.

Gags said:

Long live the type king! How blessed I was to start my advertising career in your presence. No doubt there will be plenty of $50 notes waiting for you upstairs mate.

Ron Mather said:

A great talent and master craftsman.Henry you were an inspiration to all of us.

George Freckleton said:

Ok, you win. Mercs are better. I just never told you in your good ear.

RIP Bristles.

Craig MacLean said:

The most caring and good-natured ‘grumpy old bastard’ I’ve ever met, Henry was a great man in all respects. We’ll miss you mate.

M Andrews said:

The most passionate typographer I've ever worked with. One of the nicest guys I've worked with. We'll miss you Henry.

Symon said:

I'm honored to have worked with you mate.

Mike D said:

Thanks for teaching me the fundamental typographic increments: the tad, the fraccy, the smidge, the gnats arse and the bees dick.
Thanks for your travel tips, especially
And a million thankyous for making suits wait impatiently for every last full stop to be kerned perfectly .
Your unequalled passion will be sorely missed.

monique martino said:

You made such as impression on me, that your blokey sayings, your carefully
prepared lunch and your ever present passion for the craft of type will remain
in my thoughts. You were the man, who called us all ' kids ' and there we will all remain, you knew what you were doing all along. Here's to you Henners.

Katy said:

Your "grumpy old kraut" facade never fooled us for a second Henry! A great man who will be sorely missed, but not forgotten. Every time I hear an Art Director talk about moving things by a 'bee's dick' I'll think of you.

Jodie said:

A lovely, lovely man. I remember his beloved white BMW when he was at Leonardi and Curtis and his great tolerance for annoying little account execs pestering for small changes. One of the people who made being in advertising so great. Sad news.

Marie Arfuso (Carbonara) said:

So sad when I was told the news. Henry, you were an amazingly, talented, and passionate person that I ever had the pleasure to work with and ever know. When I was just 20, you too took me under your wing at Clems, I didn't know what direction I wanted to take in this crazy world of advertising, but you made it too easy for me. Showing me the ropes on how beautiful type could be, kerning, a bees dick more-less, pull that full stop in, close that leading up a smidge... and I found my calling. You were my mentor, friend, and sometimes even my second dad (as I used to spend more time with you in my ten years at work than at home!) You may have seemed like 'that grumpy old man' to those that didn't really know you, but to those that had the pleasure to, know all too well that you were the gentlest, most caring family man goin' round. You will be missed dearly and I thank you for all the great memories, especially when people would walk into the studio and start talking to you on your right (bad) side and you wouldn't respond and they thought you were being rude and ignoring them! And there I was always having to say, "that's his bad side, speak louder or talk to his left side!" That was before you finally got your hearing aid! Thanks for being the reason I took up typography and finished art, it was an honour to have been taught by the best. Miss you.

Julian Schreiber said:

You made me understand Typography was an art form Henry with your commitment, precision and focus on even the smallest piece of work. And if you were grumpy (which let's face it you were), it was at all the right things and usually it was with a bit of a grin. It was a true honour to work with you at Y&R.

toni said:

I remember,
The 'boomer' - the carpet on the carport
The loo out the back - great for reading
"How the f---k are ya"
The football
Bob Dylan
Dire Straits
The Bose stereo
You and Lil - and those great dinners and laughter
Being kicked when I went to sleep on the lounge room floor at 2am., while lorraine knitted and you watched TV. "Wake the f--k up, you're in Melbourne"
Your passion for photography and creativity
Your kindness and love for your family
The 'skinney door' to the dark room, so fat people couldn't get in.
The Big M ads
Your modesty about your brillance in advertising.
Your kindness to my children
Loved you as a friend and will miss you
My love and ' thinking of you' Lorraine, Rach and Nahmi
lots of love tonixxx

Pauline said:

A grumpy bugger, with passion for excellence. Will not be forgotten. RIP

Jennie said:

Henry also took me under his wing at the youthful age of 23 at Leonardi & Curtis. They definitely broke the mould with Henry! of a kind...fond memories of a real bullshit on the outside, all moosh on the inside. A great person I have known and will always remember. Rest in Peace Henry

Richard Denham said:

So nice to see some real ads again...

susan smith said:

I have had the pleasure of having Henry in my life for 46 years, he was in fact my wonderful brother in law. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and comments, my sister and her girls are heartbroken, the grief is all consuming.

Ieuan said:

I did not know Henry as a legend of the advertising world, nor as a brilliant art director. I knew him simply as a friend of the family whose inimitable style, classic wit and great kindness made the home he shared with Lorraine and their beautiful daughters, a place of great warmth and good humour. Clearly these attributes were shared with many throughout his professional career which in itself, highlights the genuine character of a great man.

My thoughts are with his family.

trudi said:

Hi just wondering if the information for the memorial for henry winkler has been posted

trudi said:

To not have really known how creative, talented and innovative Henry was .. is a loss I will regret forever. I hope I can see his work one day and see where my creative genes really came from. My love to my sisters.

jenny zwiers said:

Just learned of Henry's (Wolfgang!) death. So sad. Worked with Henry 35 years ago at NTG Design. I shared his love of typography and we spent many an hour rubbing down letraset, and cutting and moving individual letters. He was a hard and dedicated worker and great to work with. Cleared out of the way though when Henry was smoking and using spray adhesive - at the same time!!! He gave me the nickname "Hawkeye" as his spelling was not so good, and I was the spellchecker! Must have got "grumpier" as he aged! He will be sorely missed by all who knew and loved him.

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