Activemotion editor Billy Browne, his furry companion 'Rufus' and 40 boxes go viral

rufus.jpgEven during his spare time, it seems activemotion's newest editor Billy Browne can't help but create infectious video. In the space of about two days, an apology present to his cat Rufus has managed to rack up over almost 100,000 views on Youtube, spread like wildfire through Facebook, get featured on the Huffington Post and myriad of other sites on the internet, as well as garner a multitude of upvotes and praise from the cat-loving community of Reddit.

Says Browne in an interview with The Age: "I'm not sure what to think. I think I'm dreaming."
The "Rufus Tower" in question began as an apology to Browne's very handsome feline pal, for two weeks of terror and pain as a result of eardrops to combat an infection. Rufus - like most cats - happens to love boxes, so Browne decided that the weekend would be an extravaganza of box construction. Using music by his brother's band Parallel Lions, the sped up journey of the cat castle becomes less hilarious cat video than it is a loving ode to the connection between man and animal. Certainly it takes a certain type of person to put so much time and effort into such an epic present for their pet, and the response to the video is testament to the heart-warming bond between the pair. And of course, the fact that Browne's a pretty stellar guy.
Chris Reynolds, active's co-owner is philosophical about the sudden Internet phenomenon sweeping the building.
Says Reynolds: "I guess it doesn't matter how many blockbuster films you've edited, you haven't made it until you've made a cat video and got a few thousand views on Youtube."


Dog Person said:

I have to admit that's quite endearing, but that doesn't mean that cats are not an evil alien race bent on total world domination. One day, they'll have us running around making artificial climbing areas for them. Mark my words. You've been warned.

wow said:

10,000 hits = spreading like wild fire? really?

active said:

@wow: Try 170, 000! It takes a while for the views to hit the actual page. Search for it on the 'tubes and you'll see the actual count.

purrr said:

Men who like cats are sexy.

ok then said:

edited blockbuster films? what, captured footage as an assistant more like it.

nice marketing spin attempt. fail.

Billy Browne said:

Hey OK, how on earth do you know what I do? Obviously you do not know what an assistant edit does. Especially one whom works along side the same editor for 13 years. If it was just capturing footage I wonder what I was doing for the other 15 hours a day.
Nice attempt at bringing me down. Ask anyone. Fail!

cats on the internet = win! said:

Hey Billy,
It's really important not to take comments on this blog to heart.
Let the haters hate.
You've got 800,000 hits and climbing.

Billy Browne said:

You are very correct. I just do not understand why some people always look for a negative! Life should be about positive things. :)

PeggyOhMy said:

Actually, you are well beyond 1 million hits and climbing. For You is #1 on Bandcamp. You've crafted a heart-warming viddy and millions will have seen this before the week is out. Ignore the a*holes. You've earned whatever accolades that come your way!

Eye Of The Tiger said:

Rufus, you may now savage "ok then" savagely. Snarl chomp chomp!

I HAVE CAT said:

This may be my favorite article/post about Billy and Rufus mainly because of Chris' quotes! So true.

Now if someone can tell Billy to email me. I must have him interview for my blog called I HAVE CAT - about living in NYC as a singleton with cats. I'm very anti-cat lady stereotype and PRO CAT MEN!

How many marriage proposals has Billy Browne gotten since last week? I am just curious. Looked all over for a way to contact him but I suppose it will do!

Billy: One of the articles I saw (out of the MANY) mentioned how Rufus had gotten you through a bad time with some severe anxiety and I just wanted to say that I too have a kitty savior (for depression though). I would love to do something so special for my Boo Radley. Thanks for giving your kitty-baby so much love, and thanks for sharing it with the world!! If we weren't a whole world apart I would totally buy you a coffee!

x's and o's
A cat person

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