Coca-Cola partners up with Universal Music and Spotify to launch its Summer 'Share a Coke and a Song' integrated campaign via Host, Sydney

FAE237DA-D373-48B0-B12F-6CDF18D90802.jpgThis summer, Coca-Cola has teamed up with Universal Music and Spotify to help Australians relive special moments in their lives and re-connect with friends and family, by sharing a Coke and a song via Host, Sydney.

The campaign promises to be one of the most ambitious and innovative Coke campaigns to date, connecting people with the power of music, and being activated across digital, social, outdoor and television.
Running until December, the 'Share a Coke and a Song' campaign will see the packaging of selected bottles and cans of Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero feature a year from the introduction of Coke in Australia in 1938 to the present day. By scanning the QR code or visiting the URL code on the Coke pack, consumers can unlock 50 popular songs from that year. Harnessing the popularity of social media to connect and share moments, Coke is making it easy for people to share a Coke and a song with their friends and family via Facebook, Twitter and email.

Says Lucie Austin, marketing director, Coca-Cola South Pacific: "Music is not only a universal connector for people across cultures and generations; people often associate songs with emotions, people, and places they've experienced in the past. We've all heard the first few bars of a song and been instantly taken back to a special moment that was shared and enjoyed with others.

"This unique campaign taps into people's love of singing, dancing and sharing memories. By putting years on Coca-Cola packs and linking to 50 popular songs from that year, we are giving people the social invitation to celebrate and share those special moments linked with a particular year. This is a fun way for our consumers to find a year that is special to them, and then enjoy sharing a Coke and a song from that year with their family and friends."

In addition to the 50 popular songs from each year that will be available by scanning one of the selected packs, Coca-Cola has partnered with Spotify to allow consumers to share the music of their most memorable moments via Facebook. From 24 September, Coke will encourage Aussies to select and share the song that made their music festival, reminds them of their first kiss or a great night out. All of the moments and songs will then be collated on Spotify to create playlists - searchable by moment and a year.

Communications Strategy: Naked
Creative: Host, Sydney
Digital / Social media: Wunderman
Media: IKON
POS: Fuel
Promotions: Wunderman
Music consultancy: The Sound Campaign
PR: One Green Bean


Ouch said:

Nothing like the bastardisation of a successful campaign.

Um said:

I always like a line that has two call to actions in it.
Means you get to remove any charm and go straight to directing people what to do.
Reads like a proposition.

I think we're getting way to caught up with what we could do whilst forgetting what we should do.

A D Denizen said:

Coke and music ... SOP ... nothing elaborate, but it's worked for generations.

Dancing? said:

"This unique campaign taps into people's love of singing, dancing and sharing memories". Only if the Coke turns miraculously into beer and I have about 20 in a row, Lucie. Come on, they're playing our year...

O said:


Andrew P said:

cool story hansel

Hmmm said:

How nice of Coke to reward the agency that won them a swag of awards by giving the next brief to Host. Way to go Coca-Cola.

Ashlee said:

Ashlee love it

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