Clems Melbourne's Carlton Draught 'Beer Chase' spot a YouTube hit with over 2m views in 6 days - is this a Cannes Grand Prix contender?

Screen shot 2012-09-03 at 11.14.50 AM.jpgUPDATED: The Carlton Draught 'Beer Chase' spot, via Clemenger BBDO Melbourne - has just passed 2 million views on YouTube in less than a week - with the spot set to air on TV from this Friday night during the AFL and NRL footy finals.

It may be the kiss of death, but some industry observers, including CB, reckon this one - like the Carlton 'Big Ad' in 2006 - could be a Cannes Grand Prix contender, even with a full 10 months to go before the big event in the South of France. The spot has also been picked as the #1 spot of this week's Bestads Top 6, as chosen by Pete Petrella, creative director at Gyro, London.

Beer Chase 1.jpg***

Carlton Draught, Australia's number one draught beer, and Clemenger BBDO Melbourne are launching the next ad in the much-loved Made From Beer series today.
Called Beer Chase, the epic ad sends up classic action movie car chases, with everything from cops and robbers to a rocking 1980s soundtrack, all with the classic Carlton Draught twist audience's have come to expect.

The campaign launches in time for both the NRL and AFL finals series - the perfect time to go to the pub with your mates and watch the game while sinking a cold Carlton Draught.
Andrew Meldrum, Carlton Draught general manager of marketing, says there's a lot to live up to when creating a Beer Chase 3.jpgnew Carlton Draught ad.
Says Meldrum: "Fortunately I'm blessed to work with some incredibly talented people, both at the brewery and at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, and so it always ends up being a truly joyous experience.
"At Carlton Draught, Beer Chase 4.jpgwe believe that beer ads should be fun. With the Made From Beer campaign we've always set out to remind us not to take ourselves too seriously, and we try to do it in a way that puts a smile on people's faces. We hope this latest installment continues that tradition."
Says Ant Keogh, executive creative director of Clemenger Melbourne BBDO: "Beer Chase is a parody of the clichéd, over-the-top Hollywood car chase. We used some poetic license with the locations so they would match your expectations of a classic car chase."

Beer Chase will launch with a Facebook teaser and a 90 sec online ad, followed by a 60 sec version launching on Friday 7th September. The media buy will also target movies that feature great chase scenes on both FTA and pay-TV.

Visit the Facebook page or follow them on Twitter here #CarltonDraught @CarltonDraught 

Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne
Creative Chairman: James McGrath
Executive Creative Director: Ant Keogh
Copywriter: Richard Williams
Art Director: Anthony Phillips
Executive Producer: Sonia von Bibra
Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Steve Ayson
Production company Executive Producer - Wilf Sweetland
Production company Producer: Cindy Kavanagh
Cinematographer: Greig Fraser
Production Designer: Robbie Freed
Offline Editor: Jack Hutchings - The Butchery
Final Grade - Edel Rafferty - Method
Online Editor - Nicholas Ponzoni - Fin Design & Effects
Sound Design/Music arranger - Byron Scullin & Cornel Wilczek
Music Supervision - Karl Richter - Level Two Music
Music track - "Thunder in your Heart"
Planning Director: Michael Derepas
Planner: Sam Mackisack
Managing Partner: Paul McMillan
Account Director: Nick Cohen
Account Manager: Brendan Taylor
Carlton Draught
Chief Marketing Officer: Andy Gibson
General Manager of Marketing: Andrew Meldrum
Senior Brand Manager: Alastair McCausland
Assistant Brand Manager: Kirt Daunt
Assistant Brand Manager: Laura King
Media Agency: Mediacom
Group Director, Client Communications Planning: Shaun Briggs
Director Client Communication Planning: Brett Elliot
Client Communication Planner: Michael Bradley


b said:

Classic McGrath. This has got his fingerprints all over it. Genius.

rich said:

confusing. everyone will love it but confusing.

Aussie guys in America? Why the money bags?

60 would have been better - ran out of steam.

Stevie said:

Great laugh. Great ad.

Extremely polite, compassionate and considerate wanker said:

COOL! Love it.

Scott said:

I don't get it?

Huffy said:

Loved every second of it.

And no, it wasn't confusing in the slightest @Rich.

Cognitively Dissonant said:

Scott, it's simple: it's the Hahn ad from last year but it actually makes you want to drink a beer.

Sterling job said:

I thought it was a great sequel to this:

Then I realised it was a different beer - don't suppose it really matters though!

who said:

fucking brilliant

Joe said:

"lets stay another week and shoot another 30' dragging out the idea"

Fanta said:

Its been ages since there has been a truly brilliant aussie beer ad. I love it. And to those who don't get it. i don't get you !

Recycle bin said:

The one hand concept from Carlton Stirling.
The awkward fence crossing of the Big Ad.
The cast from Tingle.
The over the top music from Canoe.
Congrats. A recipe for success, no doubt.

Oz said:

Epic. LOVE.

Who cares? said:

Who cares why I like it, but I do.

Jack Russell said:

Another post modern parody. dunno whether that's good or bad, but feel like we've been dragged down the same road for a few years now.

I feel like a Tooheys said:

It doesn't feel like an ad to me.
It feels like a Tropfest entry with product placement.

Very entertaining.

Adrian said:


AUS = USA said:

Draft may be a taste worth chasing in the states according to this ad, but god knows it tastes like shit here.

Johnny said:

Come on everyone,

I know- we'd all love an unlimited budget and a month in LA but really, there so many holes in this spot- and it's 45 seconds too long. Yes, it looks like a Tropfest film, yes it's desaturated but why the jumbled styling? Why put an over cranked 80's track on a tone and feel like this spot. Been watching DRIVE have we people?

Indulgent? Yes. Fun? Yes...

But- sooner or later, a beer spot will need an idea.

And nothing, nothing- will ever top the BIG AD. That must be annoying for CUB

Confused said:

There was a cringeworthy police academy moment - in fact there were a few - but the mates were quite amusing
So did the barman get to keep the cash?

Love it said:

It's fucking hilarious. If you're analysing it, you're doing it wrong.

Best Carlton ad for a while, probably since flash dance. Will go down a treat at the pub and the award shows.

Yep said:

Great stuff.

Love the jump over the hill bit.

Matty said:

Just sit back and enjoy it, it's fucking fun. Just makes you like the brand a little bit more, which is all you can do in a beer ad really because beer's just beer.

You Bet said:

Nice to see good old entertainment back. You don't need to over think it. It is a great piss take just like the original Calton Draught work.
And rich 11.11am - get over yourself and don't over think it. Git.

to the clenchers said:

It's a good ad. Lighten up people.

Cognitively Dissonant said:


Dude, the agency got to keep the cash.

nic said:

hahahaha - nice one.

Sanchez said:

Very funny ad but with no revelvance to the product.
CD, drank by criminals....

Scott said:

Love that they have used "beer fairies" in the ad!
Beer in general is in major trouble with consumers walking away.

A fan said:

This is brilliant! Old Steve Ayson always hits the nail right on the head

Using wire cutters... said:

...for a quick bit of painful self-administered surgery, I'm ready to display my final score of 1.65 thumbs up. It's not the best they've ever done, but it's still pretty good. Didn't feel overlong, really. Does anyone want to buy 0.35 of a thumb?

Not so Fast said:

What I don't get is all these people saying you don't have to get it. Of course it's fun, it's entertaining, but for mine it just lacks that extra 10% which makes sense of it, provides a reason for the set-up and gives you that real sense of satisfaction at the end. The 'Ah-hah' moment. That's not over-thinking it, that's just genuine professionalism in the art & science of advertising. The thing that a serious award jury would be looking for. Having said that, I think the withdrawal of the carlton Draught 'Tingle' was a travesty. Now THAT was clever, catchy, funny, well-branded and a genuine campaign.

KiwirichK said:

Love it.
Thank God they didn't use Aussie cops – taser much?

Haters gonna hater said:


Back to your DM piece.

A? said:

Tis good but similar to the Dunkin Donuts ad from decades ago.

fan said:

great stuff clems

Sammy said:

Really!!! CUB and CBBDO need to do better than this. Looks like someone wanted an overseas holiday this winter!
BEER that is drank by Criminals!!! Relates well to the Aussie consumer, NOT.
A good laugh but won't sell beer.

@sammy said:

"BEER that is drank by Criminals!!! Relates well to the Aussie consumer, NOT."

Yeah, we fucking hate ned kelly. Not to mention our convict ancestors. Oh wait, no we don't. We love them. And all of our dirty crim heritage.

Great spot, well done guys.

Career Guy said: said:

Geez - Clems Melb win for astro-turfing the blog under their guys are bloody black belts!

You didn't need to bother - this is good....

Tony Hoad said:

Pretty funny. But only 310 views on YouTube? What's going on?

music said:

I like it a lot - but I don't think the track is the best fit.... it's not a car chase track.

Meh said:

Nice work, People who overthink this would make great suits, if they aren't already. Punters will love, juries will like. Job done.

"Drunk..." said:

...not "drank". But after 15 pints, I'll bet grammar don't so matter no more *hic*

Mel said:

I wanted to like it, but no, it's simply not that great. And I know Clems Melb knows...

b said:

Oh Tony didn't just say that did you? How embarrassing for you...

Lindsey said:

They just keep getting better.

Anonymous said:

parody does not equal an idea

Jesus. said:

Ouch. So many jealous people arrived just in time to bag this spot.
Must be taking time out from picking up all your awards? *Cough*

End of the day guys. General public are going to LOVE it. Client is going to LOVE it. And all those weak 'failings' you keep trying to pointing out just make you look bitter.

Well done. Love it.

Steve McQueen said:

This ad will go number 1 with a bullet, pardon the pun. These stunt sissies don't know how to jump cars like I did though.

The one criticism is that this should have felt more late 60s, early 70s then 80s. Music isn't quite right but the rest is great.

Average punter said:

Entertaining: tick.

Do I care about anything else: No.

Awesome job. Well shot. Great track. I loved it.

@Meh said:

No they'd make terrible suits. The kind of suits that call any creative with an ounce of integrity 'difficult' when they stand up for their idea. The kind of suits that would kill this kind of idea because that's their idea of creative collaboration. The kind of suits who wake up in the morning not realising the biggest decision they'll make that day is what colour jeans to wear to the office to look creative. The kind of suit who thinks they are a clairvoyant when it comes to guessing what the client will buy, and would rather sell something thats easy for the client to buy rather than something that's right for the clients business. The kind of suit that says 'I like that colour more' when they really should be saying 'I think the target market will like that colour more.' The kind of suit that would say 'why do they have Australian hundred dollar notes in America with Aussie guys drinking Aussie beer being chased by American cops and isn't this the same idea as the Tooheys beer relay because they're running with beer and what happens to the bag of cash when it's done I think we need a resolve at the end'

The kind of suit who would never get a job at clemenger Melbourne. Top shelf fellas.

Bill Caxton, and Rob and Jim too said:

Brilliant idea, and allot of fun to watch, but to make it authentic and really exciting, shouldn't the guys have been black, like in the Caxton trailer.

Black is just funnier, or maybe they could be holding hands, you know, for solidarity, like they do at DDB.

TH said:

Please, please, please, please, please, please play it again!

RAD said:

And the award for the best use of John Farnham in a beer commercial goes to...


I'm still so upset by the Lamb Burger

Rodney KIng said:

What if the guys were black, and when the cops catch up to them, they beat and taser 'em until they're barely conscious, but they're still holding on to their beers?

Kind of a parody on real life, from a few years ago, but still real, or formerly real.

Maybe later in the campaign all the black beer drinkers could set the city on fire and riot and stuff, and then go to Hamilton Island for the Caxtons . . . and hold hands with Rob and Jim, for solidarity, like at DDB.

Dragging a gag said:

Look, I love Clems work and love Slo Mo, Tingle and Big Ad etc, but I didn't like it. I REALLy tried to like it, but the humour is all a bit forced, a bit obvious ('pull over etc) and a bit too long. Okay a lot too long. It's try too hard for me. And YES I know it's a darn sight bette than 99% of the shite out there, but the bar on this account and this category in general is set VERY high. It's a fail for me sorry. I tried. I really did.

@Rodney King said:

Give it up, mate, nobody bit first time, and you're not very witty or imaginative either. Go back to troll school.

not very witty or imaginative either said:


Tim the Tim said:

@Not so fast.

What do you mean there's no ah ah moment? - if you need some rational product connection in the story, it's that the guys would rather abandon their cars and run rather than give up their beer. What's not to get?

wat said:

Love it. Makes me wanna go get on the piss.

Phil said:

Fantastic...compliments from NZ.

What's not to get? said:

What's wrong with all those people saying they don't get it etc???
And it's too long, no ah ha moment, what? You sound like a bunch of snippets from a research debrief.

I liked it. If only Millward Brown had scanned my face to prove it.

Not so Fast said:

Ok 4:09, just one teensy-weensy little question:


Anonymous said:

Hahaha @ Cognitively Dissonant - spot on!

For anyone over thinking this or thinks that the whole ad needs to make sense.. why? It's light hearted and entertaining... exactly how you want to be when you're having a few quiet sips. It doesn't need to make complete sense. I feel sorry for you if that's how you look at everything you watch on TV or at the cinema. You must be incredibly frustrated with life.

Great ad by the way. Cheers to all involved!

Anonymous said:

Is it called a 90sec web film because CUB can't afford to run it on TV?

It's great by the way.

well done said:

Hottest creative team in oz?

Rich, GPY&R Brissy said:

After watching that I wish I drank.
Piss funny.
Nice job boys and girls.

kinda jealous said:

congrats to all who managed to get an idea like this thru the countless hoops.

the whole "Made From Beer" campaign must be starting to become one of the more iconic this little country has produced...

Tim the Tim said:

@Not so fast.

Why? Because they like the beer.

I work in the creative department said:

I'm sitting here watching it drinking a Corona and I feel no need to change that after watching the ad. It is a short film with a beer as the prop. Could of been any beer. Why will I change beers? I see the Corona ads and I want to be in those ads. I watch this ad and I want to watch re runs of old 'The Streets of San Francisco.' Not an ad. It's a short film. Sales will go nowhere.

sue d nim said:

dear 'I work in the creative department'

your comments are hilarious.

Homer J Simpson said:

Beer makes me laugh.

Ads that make me laugh make me like them.

Beer ads that make me laugh make me want to buy the beer that makes me laugh more than the beer ad that makes me think.

Shut up brain and I'll keep killing you with beer.


Kontent King said:

How come this piece of old-fashioned film gets 71 comments so quickly?

Everyone knows old-fashioned films don't work.

Why are you guys talking about it?

How come my engagement case histories which Lynchy posts here regularly don't get any comments.?

They're about participations and engagements. And I have statistics to show people were engaged and participated, goddammit!

Why aren't you talking about me?


meh said:

You work in the creative department, but no one likes you because you're a corona drinking bellend.

Question said:

@I work in the creative department

maybe you shouldn't?

mike said:


Redgreg said:

Well done all involved. Top Shelf.

Seamus O'Veranalytical said:

Why did they abandon their cars and choose to run?

a) Because if not, they'd be literally "drinking and driving"

b) Because they didn't want to risk spilling a drop in an actual high-speed car chase, ha ha

c) No reason. This is the funniest, to me. And I don't think many people read more deeply into it than that, begorrah.

Karl Malden said:

I loved it. Made me want to call Michael Douglas and pop down to the local and talk about the old days over a few quiet frosties.

Suck it HATERS! said:

The masses have spoken.
Suck it haters.
"Sometimes television advertising can be executed in such a beautiful clever way that it really does deserve to be recognised as a true art form."

Far north viewer said:

Rad. Quarter of a million views already; Good work Clems and Ayson. Another quality collab.

Spaniel Cocker said:

For the first time on this blog I'm disagreeing with Jack Russell.
A momentus occasion indeed.

This one to quote the gangstas, is the shiznit.
Dig the homage to big ad's fence - gave me belly laughs.

Since I'm in gangsta zone here's my rap:
"Love it, haters don't over-think it, this ad makes you laugh and want to drink it. "

Very Good, but . . . said:

It's funny, very clever concept and a worthy execution, but it's not that funny, and I can't help but think that the lack of really good work coming out of the local industry as it dies slowly on the vine with the ECDs turned accountants at so many shops and the hew and cry of digital and it's focus on channels versus creative makes the reaction to a piece like this what it's been on the blog.

Good work again Clems, it's just too bad that these pieces stand so tall against the vast majority, as some of us can remember when this part of the world had allot of work of this calibre every year, great writing, great filmmaking, a real eye for comedy every month to send out to the world.

This is brand work that shows those with a retail sensibility what they're missing, and how badly they're serving their clients by selling them the mediocrity of low budget exercises with a shelf life of 15 minutes, if that.

Over here in the corner with the bristly hide, the floppy ears and the trunk said:

The elephant in the room is this: The boys at Clems are now such superstars that they can do no wrong. Ergo, any criticism of their work, however mild, however constructive, makes the dissenter a tool. Try to be a little more objective (about a subject that is inherently subjective).

Wow said:

Youtube has nearly a million hits.
All the people that slagged this ad off - not to mention every other good ad posted on here in the past - how does it feel to know your judgement is off?
Better try some other job.

Tony Hoad said:

A million views on YouTube in a week. Now I'm impressed.

Myeah said:

Big ad was slagged big time on here. The comments section isn't a barometer for how well an ad will go in award shows or sales results. It's more a platform for other agencies to slam what is either ompetition in the award shows or something that is genuinely shit.

When it's 'not that bad', guarantee its pretty fucking awesome and up there with the rest of the world.

Reality Check said:

Number of hits is not necessarily a measure of approval or success. Many might be like the one where I showed it to a friend just to get their reaction -without me predisposing her either way by suggesting whether it was either good or bad - and the reaction was 'meh', or words to that effect. I suspect many of the hits will be in the category of 'curious, but ultimately disappointed'.

@Myeah said:

You hit the proverbial nail on the head with the "up there with the rest of the world" tag, 'cause that's the Aussie insecure chip-on-the-shoulder moniker.

So concerned with being 'worldclass' that the entire local industry shits itself when one of its best does something good that actually stands up to the best worldwide.

No one in the UK or the US or Europe speaks about being world class, because they take for granted that their cultures are already the class of the world, and the expectation is that they'll be producing the best, most innovative, cleverest, most creative . . . and there's the difference.

WORD said:

This rocks! You're an inspiration to all Australian creatives.

youtube hits as a measure said:

it's good to see tall poppy syndrome is still very alive and well on this blog. (insert sarcasm).

if you are looking for feedback on a campaign or commercial - over a million hits on any commercial in 48 hours is pretty good. it's not to say it's destined for success, but it's a good start.

personally, if i'd want to measure feedback i'd take those kind of numbers, and the kind of feedback and comments (mostly in the extremely positive) from people who (importantly) have to log into their youtube account to comment, like, or dislike a video. it's arguably a better barometer than anonymous comments from rival agencies, clients, and the production community; purely as if you do want to have a look at a person may have also commented on - if you suspect they're involved - or rivalry, you can.

again, personally i like to look at creativity-online as a barometer also. there's no trolling going on; no tall poppy syndrome in effect, and if people like something they'll email it on to colleagues and you can see if your work gets sent around. you can also see if the work gets accepted in the first place - not something that happens here of course, and makes it into the top 20 or weekly best work.

while this carlton draught web film, or commercial (when it inevitably hits tv) may not be without it's flaws; (for instance from my part i'm not 100% convinced the music is quite in the car chase genre - although i can see how it does work for the brand particularly well, based on their past work)... but i digress.. ultimately all work on here is subjectively seen through your eyes... so try to be constructive with comments and critique. otherwise it kind of seems null and void.

Real Thing said:

You Tube Hits are UP.

SALES of the beer are DOWN.

> FACT. Look it up.

Beer springs eternal said:

Cannes GP? If Big Ad and Slo-Mo didn't, then I doubt this will, jolly tho' it is.

Pellegrino Please said:

Brought a smile and a chuckle to my face, so good work Clems.

However does anyone smell the two words of "Paid Seeding" ?

ian said:

Agree. Lots of fun- but missing the magic goosebumps.

J said:

To those who say number of hits isn't necessarily a measure of quality, I submit this:

CannesWatch said:

Beer Springs Eternal,

Carlton Draught 'Big Ad' via GPY&R Melbourne was indeed a Cannes Grand Prix contender in 2006. It was just beaten by Guinness 'Noitulove':

By the way, SloMo via Clems Melbourne also came (reasonably) close, one of only 14 Gold Film Lions awarded in 2011:

A Century said:

Can I make the 100th comment.......please?

twinkle said:

It's good, but it's not a film Grand Prix, sorry.

Dear Real Thing said:

Welcome to advertising. How are your first few months going?

When a category (such as mainstream beer) is in DECLINE, then sales are not your measure. Try market share as a better indicator.

Now I don't know how that is going either, particularly with the national and international trend towards 'craft' beer brands, but I suspect that neither do you.

If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say that along with the YouTube hits, Carlton Draught share of market and brand consideration will, as a result of this spot, be considerably UP.

You cock.

Beer springs eternal said:

Indeed you're right, CannesWatch. Was hoping Big Ad might get the Big One but the Guinness spot wasn't too shabby either. It's great that the Carlton client keeps signing off on ads that make the average punter smile. This is one brand that never takes itself too seriously, long may that continue.

J said:

Everyone I talk to loves it. Me too.

Hey 1.12PM said:

It's vagina actually.

Erasmus said:

I'm highly amused by it as a skit; totally bemused by it as a beer ad.

But it's so much better than the appalling (and so irritatingly repeated during the footy) Slow Motion spot, which seemed to be telling me that only total dickheads drank the product.

BB77 said:

I always piss myself when I read that "Creative Chairman" bit in the credits.

I suppose if everyone else has to be called creative director or executive creative director, you need an even bigger title.

But it makes me yearn for the days when the creative director was the creative director, and everyone else was a writer or art director - apart from that, the only difference was in salaries.

As for the ad - I like it, but I'm not sure if it's actually an ad. It will tend to preach to the converted, rather than convince non-believers to try the product.

Oh, and a little education for "I work in the creative department": it's not "could of", it's "could have" - a common error caused by the mis-hearing of "could've".

V. Gina said:

And another thing 1.12pm. I think you are the junior here.

I have not just arrived in this industry. Been here a long time junior and I can tell you this. You may have been reading a few E books and watching some TED videos looking like you are working and think you know everything but you are sooooo wrong.

"When a category (such as mainstream beer) is in DECLINE, then sales are not your measure.Try market share as a better indicator." Are you serious? How do they pay for hops and electricity with Facebook likes and YouTube planted hits?
Get real meathead. They need to sell beer and lots of it.
Consideration don't pay the bills buddy. Buying a pint does.

Enjoy your TED videos you cock.

Remember me the client said:

You ad wankers are a joke. All you are interested in is Cannes and winning awards and the pats on the backs from your mates. YouTube and consideration. FFS!

Sell beer like we did in the old days. No wonder the 'craft beers' are getting ahead. You guys do not have the eye on the ball.

well done said:

Client of the year at Cannes?

Beer Giggles said:

Steve McQueen,

The name of the film was Bullitt, so not sure your "pun" works.

Dunno about the ad for lots of reasons.
Kind of fun to watch, but not sure it is an idea with a real feeling to it.

See it once, get it, and probably not so fussed about seeing it again.

And really don't think the US context enhances the idea, probably waters it done a bit I reckon.

Must have been fun to do.

Oh 4.15 said:

Please say you said that as a joke.

Just a thought said:

Wouldn't "Beer Chaser" be a better name for the ad?

Hello Again Real Thing a.k.a. V. Gina said:

Facebook Likes + You Tube Hits ≠ Market Share.

If the pie is shrinking, but your slice of that pie is increasing in percentage terms, it's a sign that your marketing efforts may be working.

But nothing is certain in this game.

Except that you're a fuckwit.

Pie is full of BS. said:

The only thing in your pie is marketing bullshit 5.15pm.

"If the pie is shrinking." "Increase in percentage terms" Give me a break?
What the pie that is piss drinking males!
You do not know what you are talking about?

As you pointed out. They MAY be working. I am sure they are not.
I think the client is looking for certainty.
They want a campaign that will work not just get a creative team a trip to Cannes.

And Fuckwit is so 2002 you Fuckwitter.

Real Thing asks why are you confusing me with a vagina? said:

I'm the Real Thing man. You must be used to those fake plastic vaginas. One day you might experience a real vagina.

A Century said:

Yay me.....I made the 100th comment. So happy.

Erasmus said:

I'd suggest there are a lot of reasons why big brand beer sales are shrinking.

Yes, more people are drinking other beverages. Or popping other things.

Yes, boutique beers are growing in popularity.

But also, beer marketing has gone off the planet in this country for over a decade now. Most of the big brands have spent almost all that time undermining their own brand heritage and making fun of their own customers.

Is that the main problem? Probably not. But it sure doesn't make it easy to retain any brand loyalty when the brands don't show any loyalty to themselves.

Voice of reason said:

It is a sad and symptomatic reflection of the lack of talent that wallows in the shadows of a once great industry.

A rip off of a 70′s movie, a mockery of law and order.Any number of laws broken in its pathetic story. What next: bring beer to the Jones Town reunion. The Andes Plane crash cook book. No wonder society is in such a state, and before all you apologist ‘s for so call creative freedom start wringing your hands, is this the sort of message we want to send to an already dysfunctional community, if your answer yes then you are part of the problem.

Final shot said:

Edit from the bridge to the boat was too quick - tiny bit of wire work would have been awesome - 4.8 out of 5 - Other than that best work

I hate myself said:

hence it is my plight to hate others...

Finally said:

We have the Voice of reason. Thank you.

Visitor from Another Era said:

I'll drink to your opening paragraph, 9:08PM. The rest of your rant is a little OTT, but your point can't be ignored: the acclaim this ad is getting seems misplaced and out of proportion. Undoubtedly entertaining, it's not in the pantheon of great ideas that build great brands. It lacks a certain je ne sais quoit. The number of comments does indicate though that there are a lot of people in this once-great industry who are interested in this and want this campaign to be great - given it's a signature brand in a culture-defining category. But so many have a nagging doubt that while this ad is a valiant attempt, it's just not in the super league. That really can't be brushed aside with insults. Entertainment is insufficient. Furthermore, anyone who thinks that by eventually winning awards it will somehow be validated doesn't live in the real world. Juniors, hurl abuse now.

Junior said:

I don't mean to slag anything off. And I understand time can wear a good thing out. But ads today are fucking way cooler than they used to be. And from what everyone tells me, are done in half the time for half the budget, while people get paid half as much.

Just an opinion, but compare this to 'I feel like a Tooheys or two' and, well... why would you compare the two?

Plastic Sounds Uncomfortable said:

Wow, in the flood of kindergarten-level genitalia abuse peppered across the last 25 comments, at least someone made an insightful point with some sense - so "Final Shot", have a virtual beer on the house. That was my nagging doubt, too.

trawler said:

the huffington post did an article, tweeted about this spot, saying 'The best beer ad we can remember'.

that's a win.

That's why you are a jjunior said:

I feel like a Tooheys or two sold a lot of beer. Let's see how this one goes. Not even close I reckon.

So what. said:

How long has the Huffington Post been around? Since morning tea? Wow.

Fake Ant Keogh said:

Who gives a fuck what you all think.

Will Think for Salary said:


C said:

Any one of you hundred and something angry posters would gladly put this in your book if you could.

It's hard to make good work in this country, and this is good.

C. Section said:

It's not that good. It's a copy of someone's work stung together with a clumsy story of some guys stealing Australian dollars from a US bank and then being chased like Keystone Cops through the Streets of San Fan and ending up awkwardly on a boat in the US that happens to serve CD on tap. As I said. It's not that good. Wouldn't make my book.

Stop it said:

I think people are excited about this because you didn't have to:
upload a picture,
download an app,
download a QR reader,
have a 'conversation'

and yet it's still a hit in the digital medium, possibly more of a hit than all the stuff coming out of the current group-think around digital-engagement-conversation-blah blah-hype fed to us daily in marketing magazines and blogs by so called experts who probably have never sold anything to anyone.

A B C easy as 1 2 3 said:

Hey C. That's the point. The ad looks great in someones book but it is not working for the client apart from everyone having a look on You Tube and these are force feed pushes mostly. Has anyone actually seen it on air? Back to basics. Client first.

Janice said:

hey voice of reason....

Jones town beer ad - freakin great idea, that would be cool to the bland and watered down target market, single minded props most people toil away on ,and sadly spew up, cat like, on paper. Then I have to decide where its worth putting any effort to put on screen. Entertainment with product.....way of the future! Keep on your high moral roll, you actually have some interesting concepts....just say while drinking some beerxxxxj

DEF said:

ABC, you are an idiot.
It hasn't been put to air yet.
And you can't 'force feed' two million hits.

chil said:

chill. Its good.

Housewife said:



Andrew said:

A guy who I went to school with in Australia is now a vet in the country of Georgia.

He posted it to his FB page.

I've never seen him post anything about advertising ever before.

That's pretty cool.

4 Pines said:

I like micro brewery beer better.

Wine drinker said:

Do you really believe that 2 million people have watched the ad? Suspicious?

Cop said:

Move along now. Nothing to see here.
Get back to your brochures.

Village Idiot said:


A) I love this ad. Through and through.

B) for a piece of education for you lot...when a media buy is made on YouTube, even forced views are counted. Sad you ALL don't know this.

Huffy 2.0 said:

"But will it sell beer? I think not."

Since when has this ever stopped us from making ads? Don't make out like we actually CARE about sales...

Oh for some perspective said:

There is an air of unreality in the praise of this ad which indicates just how out of touch so many of you so-called advertising 'practitioners' are. Facebook postings? YouTube hits? Cannes Grand Prix Contender? What have any of those got to do with selling beer?

Loved it said:

I loved this.

I have to agree with @Wine drinker though... 10% of the population in 6 days?

(you know you can buy youtube views on fiverr right??)

Having said that i think it deserves to be viewed 2 million times

The Internet is here to stay.... said:

12:23. Actually most of those things can have quite a lot to do with sales. Just watch the Old Spice case study. Tops in all 3 of those categories. One of P&G's most successful campaigns ever.

Oh, perspective said:

Facebook postings and YouTube hits can eventually sell beer, OFSP. Not always. If done right. It's not 1974 any more.

10% of what population? said:

Dear 12:41,

Given that this has been picked up on t'interwebs, which I'm pretty sure is all fancy and international now, I think you'll find that 2 million hits is only about .03% of the population...

Yours pedantlcally

John Merrick said:

How many of the naysayers on here who demand that the ad sells beer would applaud the kind of work that demonstrably DOES sell beer?

ie: sales promotion, point of sale, trade incentives, old school below the line marketing? I mean the real thing, not facebookified excuses for video content 'promotions'.


TODD said:

And what point would there be in CUB buying hits on youtube? Why would they want to do that? It makes no sense to fool themselves. They are going to run the ad on TV anyway.

Elephant, Man said:

I'm absolutely with you, Mr Merrick.

Every single one of those things you mentioned - sales promotion, point of sale, trade incentives, below-the-line marketing - are critical to brand success, not just for beers, but in many other categories as well.

I'd only object to these things being called "old school". I don't think any of this is a battle of old vs. new, it's a battle for best bang for client buck. Someone's mentioned Old Spice, but I'm sure that overall campaign had proper path-to-purchase elements as well as the much-lauded online & TV bits.

When "old vs. new" stop locking horns and realise that both can and must exist, then clients benefit and agencies stop wasting time on sterile debates.

Clems Melb arguably the greatest Aus ad agency of all time.... said:

These guys keep making hit after hit after hit... I think it's safe to say, without a doubt these guys are the greatest ad agency of all time... they're simply untouchable...

Anonymous said:

It's a lot bigger than anything I ever did in my career. I do feel though that it's an idea that was born first before the product was attached to it. The beer angle is tenuous. It's a far better ad for some crazy cool running shoe or something.

Look at Boags. It has a very entertaining campaign that is built on a clear benefit and attribute of the brand. Draught needs to keep spinning the dice on executions because at its core, it hasn't got a deep, relevant idea.

Surely, as the world of the consumer and media changes, the principles of great advertising don't change that much.

dude said:

what's there to argue about?

go with your gut instinct.

first time i saw it, it made me laugh.

i had no time for deeper analysis.

it's just beer, it's taking the piss, and it's bloody funny.

don't over think it.

i may not like the beer, but i like the brand. a lot.

The Troll Hunter said:

Nice try, 3:54, nice try. Not.

Born yesterday said:

Buying YouTube hits are the new circulation joke. Like leaving trashy newspapers on people doors and claiming readership. Makes everyone think they are missing out on something. Whats this 2 million hits? Must watch and get on the bandwagon. Oh dear it's just an ad and a pretty ordinary one.

Shame on you CUB.

Hipster Funoff said:

There isn't enough beards in this ad.

Village Idiot said:

'Buying hits' makes it sound like they've done something wrong or abnormal. YouTube is now part of the media plan for any campaign with a substantial budget. You pay to place ads over content on YouTube and you can pay to promote a video. All of those views are counted. Have been for years now.

Again, I LOVE the spot. Just trying to help you clowns understand how this works. I'd suggest everyone on this blog start their days reading Digiday. It's scary how uninformed so many of you advertising 'professionals' sound. Trust me, 2 million people have not just picked up an ad on YouTube and started passing it around. Just doesn't work that way. Requires investment to make that happen. Just like anything else.

Sam said:

Great idea. Thought it could have been better executed, sorry to say.

Rational vs Emotional said:

Are you crazy? - the beer is completely at the heart of that ad. Literally there in every frame and the reason behind the joke that powers the whole ad.
It's just that Carlton Draught doesn't really have an obvious point of difference at a product level just like Coke and Pepsi (and to contrive one is, well... contrived).
So instead they create an emotional point of difference, in this case its fun and irreverence and not taking itself too seriously, a style the brand has carved out for years now. And one that reflects the experience, and connects with their audience, in pubs.

LIke it said:

Yeah, quite good. Have to say it felt very familiar - dunkin donuts etc etc - don't think i'd stay glued to the set everytime it came on. But then again, compare it to the rest of our local ad scene and it's head and shoulders above the rest. So well done.

Poor host. said:

Close your eyes and watch the ad. Now who is the ad for? Hard it's it.

LIke it said:

Yeah, quite good. Have to say it felt very familiar - dunkin donuts etc etc - don't think i'd stay glued to the set everytime it came on. But then again, compare it to the rest of our local ad scene and it's head and shoulders above the rest. So well done. four stars

I like heroin said:

This is a 5 second clip of Dora the Explorer saying "I like heroin":

23 million views and counting.

Beer Chase is still an awesome spot. Fucking love it. Brilliant. But let's go easy on jizzing over youtube views as some kind of quality barometer, huh.

Simple question said:

Village Idiot can you please explain to me why Carlton would buy hits, or as you have it ad placement/ buying new media, in countries outside of Australia?
Last time i checked Carlton Draught was sold in Victoria and a little bit in NSW.
If there is nothing to hide, and happy to show where 'readership' is like historically media plans have, why don't they share?

If not, i would summize we may have an indulgent brand manager and creative team wasting share holder dollars.

PS. I like the ad. Is it as good as past Carlton work? in my eyes it sits around about where the big schooner glass, skytrooper ad does. Slo Mo moved the brand forward. Just taking the piss, sorry being ironic, doesnt have the same impact 4th or 5th time over IMO

Tim the Tim said:

@Poor host.
What are you talking about? 'Close your eyes and watch the ad' - People don't watch ads with their eyes closed. Most ads would probably fail that test and who cares if they did?

How about walk into another room and get in an iron box, then see how good it is, huh? How good is it then? Got you there mmmm....


Oh my Jihad.
How can people slag off this ad.
Its really good.
Well done.

Fan of Poor Host said:

4.44. I don't think you got the vibe of Poor Hosts's post dude. He was saying the branding man is lame. Like really lame. Needed a musical sting or a mention of the product benefit. And Jay, if that is you ???, nobody cares what you think bro. Sorry. No offence but really. You have a vested interest mate.

Jones said:

Agree with 2:14, 20 million is the new 1 million for something going viral. Regardless, I'd be happy with my ad getting 2 and a half million hits. Bloody ripper ad.

Curious and curiouser said:

I'm no fan of Furby, 10:03, but what is his vested interest?

Dora post on crack said:

Dora clip is going on 4.5 years old. This spot is like.. a week old. What's your point again?

Tom said:

Not bad but seriously is it anywhere near as good as many posters are suggesting? I really don't think so. Well done to the Agency for writing themselves a trip though.. maybe that was the central thought

Oopps said:

Sorry Curious 4.01pm. I got the wrong Jay Furby. It's Jason Furby who was catering assistant on the shoot. Sorry for the inconvenience.

i was wondering said:

i was wondering after reading the comment by C. Section what he or she would put in their book? whether they had happened to have been involved on a commercial or not.. love to know their list. feel free to list the work, and ideally add why.

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