Freeview launches new 'The Best Things In Life Are Free' TVC via It's The Thought That Counts

Freeview_HiResStills_PAT copy (2).jpgFreeview last night launched a new TV campaign, which takes a high-energy studio performance of the 1920s classic song "The Best Things In Life Are Free" as its theme via Melbourne agency It's The That Counts.

The 60-second TV commercial was filmed at the legendary Allan Eaton Studios in Melbourne, and features the Melbourne Ska Orchestra and vocalist Pat Powell performing the title song, with a number of Australia's favourite TV personalities also in the studio enjoying the party atmosphere of the recording session.

Interspersed with the song's studio performance are clips from some of Freeview's best-loved programmes, edited to reflect the upbeat rhythm and song lyrics.

The TVC ends with the tag line "Freeview. The Best TV. Absolutely free."

Says Liz Ross, Freeview general manager: "We're incredibly excited to be launching this campaign, the first new TV campaign for the Freeview brand in almost two years. It's really fitting that the creative treatment is so upbeat and it celebrates the fact that the best TV in Australia is free to watch on Freeview, something Australian viewers can be very happy about.
"More Australians than ever are watching Freeview, and with so much great TV to choose from, viewers are the winners. This campaign is all about letting people know that Freeview offers a huge choice of top-quality viewing options, and it's all free."

The new campaign was created by respected advertising executives Ron Mather and Christine Barnes, from It's The Thought That Counts.

Says Mather: "The campaign is a celebration of free-to-air television on Freeview. In developing the campaign, it became obvious that the song that best reflects that position is 'The Best Things in Life are Free'. It's the perfect and natural choice and we used the massive variety of Freeview shows to prove the statement.
"Freeview appointed It's The Thought That Counts to create the new campaign in June, and 10 weeks later it was ready to launch."

The campaign will run for the next six months on all Freeview networks. The campaign includes 60 sec and 15 sec generic versions, as well as four 30 sec genre-based TVCs, including sport, drama, entertainment and comedy.
Production partners included music through Bang Bang Studios, filming through Jon Webb Photography and Concrete Wednesday and post production through Method Studios using the editing skills of Seth Lockwood and Tim Isaacson.


What's the big idea? said:

"Let's do a ska version of a classic song that is pretty much on strategy!"

"Great. But how do we integrate the Free To Air personalities who are in Melbourne and available on the day?"

"They could stand around watching the band play the song?"

"Sure, fuck it, lets go to lunch".

A D Denizen said:

I can't stand all the ads on free to air.

Let's go to lunch said:

Job done.

Free advice said:

Its called free tv. The campaign is 'the best things in life are free [tv]'.And exactly what is free? All the great entertainment in the tvc. This is a tough brief. Many have tried and failed. This is 100 x better than anything that's preceded it and is easily campaignable. It's an 8.5/10 from me.

Meh said:

It's lazy. And a tough brief? Give me a break. It's FREE for Christ's sake. With umpteen famous faces at your disposal, the best u can do is We Are The World?

There's a reason why Flight of the Conchords just took the piss out of this kind of ad.

ten years ago... said:

Ron would have ripped the ----- out of an ad like this.

Karley! said:

I love this ad! ..The music is so catchy..could play on repeat allll day! :)

Little squirrel said:

Please release this song for us all to download and enjoy...

terese said:

why do we have all these channels and every one has elongated commercials...cant commericials be limited to 1 chanel?? all these new channels and nothing to watch

upbeat said:

I like the ska orchestra but can't find info on the 2nd promo version with the girl singer. Can anyone help? I love it!

Laurie said:

Who is the female singer on the 2nd version?

Cazza said:

The name of the group singing is a Melbourne jazz swing band called The Pearly Shells. Aren't they fabulous!!

Jaybee said:

Yvette johnassen is the singer from Melbourne. She's around the clubs etc and is fantastic

juno said:

Have Yvette Johnnassen and Pearly Shells made any CDs. they are great, if so where can I buy them

ina said:

Can we download this song ,? I love Iit.

xrvgs said:

Freeview, you get what you pay for.....

Old Zoo Lions said:

It is enough to make an old Zoo Lion growl ,as they did !! ;
Warning , ' There ai'nt no more FREE Jazz at the Zoo'.
It could happen.

rosbar said:

Could you tell us the name and who sang the original song its very catchy

Madam Lash said:

Who is the female Jazz singer on the second Freeview AD please? Has she released anything? Just love the sound.

divers clan said:

love yvette johansson voice when you hear the add it sticks in your mind all day it is one catchy tune you also know what commercial it is from

A big fan said:

Pat Powell is a fantastic I love this ad

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