iiNet revels in a 'Life Upgraded' with launch of new integrated brand campaign via BWM

iiNet.jpgiiNet has launched a new brand campaign which celebrates its customer service and innovative new products for which the leading challenger telco prides itself.

The integrated campaign, developed with advertising partner BWM, kicked off nationally on 23 September with television, cinema, radio, print, online and outdoor activity making up the mix. iiNet is also the first company to utilise AirLink technology in a campaign. 

Click here to view the campaign.

iiNet's chief marketing officer, Wendy Walker, said the brand campaign is designed to speak to a broader audience, particularly those that may not be aware of iiNet.

Says Walker: "We (iiNet) love technology but it's really always been more about how that technology can enhance people's lives.

"There's this intrinsic importance of customer experience to absolutely everything we do so when I was looking at developing a new brand campaign, I wanted to ensure that our organisational DNA was really at the heart of it.

"This integrated campaign delivers a message about what iiNet does best. The breadth of our product offering, our passion for innovation and our focus on awesome customer service."


Matt said:

Awful, old fashioned campaign.

Ariel said:

I liked that... strong performances

Chosen one said:

I always choose what's not better. Like advertising agencies. - iiNet

ads upgraded said:

the annoying Bob guy is now slightly less annoying. good start

meh said:

Could the strategy be executed any more obviously/boringly? I doubt it.

young cd guy said:

when you consider the crap the other telcos are churning this at least has a warmth and charm to it. loving the little animated piece on the website.

??? said:

"..iiNet's chief marketing officer, Wendy Walker, said the brand campaign is designed to speak to a broader audience, particularly those that may not be aware of iiNet."

So that's why you release the campaign in YouTube's unlisted format, which means it doesn't show up in search results and can only be linked to.

Funny strategy if you want to be seen.

Blandtacular said:

Lovely collection of cliches. They will weave their way into our minds with delightful anonymity.

hmmm said:

brand spot is a bit flat to be honest but really liking the product bits and the overall campaign idea.

BoB said:

In this case, the talent is the brand, and he saves this.

Doug Watson said:

At last advertising for the category that actually makes an offer you can understand.

aktiongirl said:

I really like them !! made me lol .... engaged me and I got the message. Really ... you poo poo ers .... when you compare most of the stuff on the tele / and even worse in the digital space right now .... some brights spots with some personality ... and a "creative" execution of the strategy ... seems like good advertising to me.

Read all the comments... and said:

I agree, after watching the videos, it's a pretty shit ad campaign.

Dannyboi said:

Shocked and horrified The Strokes have sold out for this

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