Lindauer tells boys not to worry in new TV commercial via DDB Group New Zealand

men.jpgLindauer found out that girls do not let themselves have enough quality time with their girlfriends, so with that in mind Lindauer has launched a new TVC that celebrates the Girls' Night Out via DDB Group New Zealand.

In collaboration with Danish director William Stahl, the master of pulling down the pants of the modern man, it has achieved this in a very unique way. Lindauer has put a twist on a fundamental human truth about guys vs. girls and suddenly the tables are turned when it comes to the girls getting together.

This TVC is a play on the fact that as much as guys hate to admit it, they're at a complete loss when they're left home alone... they get bored, worried, do stupid things and just generally can't cope when their loved one is on a Girls' Night Out.

Lion Nathan:
Marketing Manager - Wine - Susan Cassidy
Brand Manager - Lindauer - Kylie Biddle

Executive Creative Director - Andy Fackrell
Group Business Director - Angela Watson
Account Director - Jenny Travers
Senior Account Manager - Kate Smart
Art Director - Julia Ferrier
Copywriter - Jennie Liddell
Agency Producer - Tania Jeram & Judy Thompson
Executive TV Producer - Judy Thompson

Film Company - Roadmap Institute:
Director - William Stahl
Co - producer - Nina Fryland
Producer - Martin Elley

DOP - Manuel Albeto Claro
Editor - Henrik Thiesen
Online & Endframe - Jon Baxter @ Perceptual Engineering
Audio House:  Liquid Studios
Audio Engineer:  Craig Matuschka
Song:  'Every Minute Alone' by WhoMadeWho


A D Denizen said:

Mesmerizing performances and great humour. But the bottle of plonk looked cheap ... was that intentional?

The Truth said:

Good to see an agency employ the director whose music video inspired the idea rather than rip it off.

Well done. It's a good result.

Bollocks said:

Um, no. Not a fact. Sorry. I don't know of any bloke who laments his lady going out on the town with her girlfriends. A night in watching the footy/Die Hard/porn instead of some painful Ryan Gosling movie? A chance to hit the pub with the boys without it being chalked up on the credit/debit scoreboard? Is there an engagement element to this campaign, because me and my mates are due for a leave pass.

PS. Love you shnookums!

nah said:

30 seconds too long. And I've never met a man who doesn't know what the fuck to do when his girl goes out for the night. complete bollox.

but I guess this is aimed at chicks, and they'd like to think guys are like that, so whatever.

Still, way too long. but the actual (as opposed to agency reel) version won't have that problem.

lovethissick said:

Best thing i've seen all year. Go girls.

awful said:

Sorry but going out with a pathetic man who cries like some kind of psycho when you leave the house is not aspirational. The tone is way off here.

Nat said:

rubbish.... really..

Ryan Duckling said:

Not based on an insight derived from the actual behaviour, thinking or mindset of any male I've ever known in my entire life.

Jesus, I've known male pet hamsters look visibly happier and more energetic when the female's been taken to the vet. Then they settle down on their little sofas and watch the footy/Die Hard/porn, sighing happily.

AP said:

i honestly dont get it

A dude. said:

You know how we keep making ads that reduce women to frivolous, nagging tits and bums - and we think that's really funny, but for some reason they don't think it's actually that funny?

Well, this is the ad where they finally run us through their comic filter.

And it's brilliant.

Nick said:

I love reading these empty criticisms. must mean this ad is good. which it is , good job I say, best thing out of DDB since Catmur.

Tables turned indeed said:

So this means women experience hysteria when they're left alone? Is that why it's supposed to be funny? Because the men are exhibiting female behaviour?

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