Renegade Films duo Pachinko Pictures takes a walk with Passion Pit in latest digital venture

titleimage.jpgPachinko, Renegade's digital directing duo, sees their latest game bring together the world of music video & games.
Inspired by the first single from Passion Pit's latest album Gossamer - Take A Walk; Pachinko's game moves through an eclectic landscape of projections and shadows, taking you on a surreal journey around the undergrowth of our everyday world.

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tawss4.jpgLaunched on 'Soundplay', an initiative by computer giant Intel and the web's most popular independent music site Pitchfork; the ground breaking commission brings leading indie musicians and leading indie game developers together to focus on the intersections of tawss5.jpgmusic, games & technology. Pushing the boundaries further than simply using music as a soundtrack; developers create original games inspired by the songs we love. Scenes, characters, settings & participation are all driven by the song.
Says Pachinko: "It was fantastic to work with Kill Screen and create a music video game for Passion Pit. It's really interesting to us, as it takes both game design and music video into new territory. The Soundplay music video game series is amazing. Intel, Pitchfork & Kill Screen have done a great job of allowing us to create something so innovative.
"Gameplay brings new levels of engagement to music video. It's a new kind of social reach where consumers play, watch & share. It's a really exciting space to be exploring."
Pachinko's profile within the indie gaming culture and their commercial sensibilities continue to make them a sought after pair in this exciting new area.

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