Rhonda returns from a romantic holiday in Bali in new spot for AAMI via Ogilvy, Melbourne

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Rhonda returns from Bali in new spot for AAMI via Ogilvy, Melbourne which was aired during today's AFL Grand Final.


Creative Group Head: Nicholas Desira
Copywriter: Lenna Boland
Art Director: Nicholas Desira
Agency Producer: Lauren Free
Production Company: Guilty
Director: Tony Rogers
Producer: Jason Byrne


Classic!! said:

Just saw this on during the final... We could not stop laughing when she told the indo guy to "Kiss her Katut!!!!"

Katut said:

Eyes on da load Londa. I love it!

Rhonda's old aunt said:

I disapprove of this relationship.
I am much more in favour of 1980's Nescafe style romance. Pan pipes and subtlety. When a young lady has to ask for her ketut to be kissed you know it's all gone too far.

utter shite said:

Please make it stop

Old CD Guy said:

Somebody has wisely realised it's worth developing a brand property out of an exchange that was in all likelihood only meant to be a one-off (acknowledging that this was the second 'Rhonda in Bali' spot, and that the dialogue between Rhonda and Ketut was apparently improvised on the shoot) but has caught on with consumers. AAMI have tried all sorts of wildly differing routes over recent years. Certainly, they're not averse to spending money on production. Maybe they're onto something lasting with this. Which of course means a challenge for the writers. Are they up to it? (Stay tuned for the next exciting episode...)

Amy said:

I know it's for AAMI. Good.

I have no idea what it's selling. Bad.

what is not to get? said:

i got it. it was promoting aami's helpful app that helps you if you have an accident. looks like you can take a photo of evidence of accident and other stuff. seems pretty straight forward. and, no, i didn't work on this, and i don't work for the agency, client, or production company.

That was the whole point of the ad said:

Yes, 9:50 is correct 10:04. No, I have nothing to do with the ad.

Andrew P said:

I like it. i find it a bit more messy and choppy than the others but like the character development over the series of ads. love the scripts on these.

Antoine Anglais said:

No one has ever accused me of not having a sense of humour, but I can find nothing to amuse me in the AAMI advertisement. I lived in Bali for 18 months and saw a lot of matronly sex tourism in that time. Many young Western girls would find their Ketut (or Made, Wayan etc.) and have a good time with him for a week or two, with little or no harm done to either party. (There were almost no temporary pairings of Western men and Balinese girls.) There were some homosexual pairings but the most prominent attachments were temporary ones between teenage Balinese boys and Western women in their forties, fifties and sixties. In many discussions with these boys, and a few slightly older gigolos, my wife and I did not meet even one who had any respect for his series of much older partners, even though they might continue to send him love letters and money long after their departure. Like the idiotic Rhonda character, such women did not seem to know they were making fools of themselves in Balinese eyes. For dignity's sake, scrap the ads.

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