Soap Creative Sydney to star in episode 3 of new series Do or Die on ABC2, Wed Sept 26, 8:30pm

soap.jpgAsh Ringrose and the boys from Soap Creative in Sydney will head to the bush in episode 3 of ABC2's Do or Die on Wednesday September 26th at 8:30pm EST.

The new show which premieres on Wednesday night is a 4x1 hour series where regular office workers are thrown into a survival adventure that will change their lives and workplaces forever.

Each week Do or Die will drop a group of unsuspecting workers into some of the harshest Australian environments for five gruelling days. Calling on the help of workplace psychologist and outdoor adventurer, Dr Travis Kemp, the group is sent on what they believe to be a fun team-building exercise. Instead, they'll be flung into a survival adventure with no escape.



troll said:

A bunch of guys in a survival situation? Things like this never works out well...

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