Diageo launches Mixionary.com to educate consumers on the art of mixing via The Monkeys

Mixionary home page .jpgLeading spirits producer Diageo Australia today launched Mixionary.com, a category-leading online destination that aims to demystify the world of mixing spirits for Australian consumers via The Monkeys and Ikon.

With more than 1.2 million cocktail related searches in Australia each month, Mixionary.com was conceived to break down the barriers, and simplify the art of mixing drinks for consumers. Using this existing consumer search behaviour, the site aims to provide a definitive online reference point for spirit-based mixed drinks and cocktails.

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Mixionary mixed drinks.jpgDiageo Australia's marketing director, Matt Bruhn said the site will help drive category growth in premium spirits, showcasing the company's spirit portfolio, including rum, whiskey and vodka, to consumers who are already searching for inspiration and information on how to mix drinks at home.

Says Bruhn: "Australians are increasingly experimenting with food, drink and entertaining at home and we want to ensure spirits are a Mixionary vodka screen shot.jpgpart of that experience. Our media research identified that consumers are already searching for this information online, which presented an opportunity for Diageo Australia to showcase its portfolio breadth, and create an online mixing dictionary in Australia.

"Mixionary.com enables us to capitalise on the at-home entertaining and premiumisation trends, by helping Australians to discover mixed drinks and create quality experiences with our spirits at home."

Mixionary.com simplifies the creation of mixed drinks and cocktails by breaking each one down into easy-to-follow steps. The site uses simple illustrated icons to communicate the consistent steps and ingredients across the 200+ recipes based on Diageo spirits including Ketel One vodka, Bulleit American whiskey, Tanqueray gin and Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky. The site also has seven how-to videos that have been specially created for each of the most popular cocktails.

From launch, the site will facilitate consumer purchase by linking directly to the online store of retail partner Dan Murphy's.

Consumers will be directed to Mixionary.com by an extensive Search Engine Marketing campaign to capitalise on consumer's search behaviour and supported by Facebook advertising and a small subscription TV buy.

Media: Ikon
Digital: The Monkeys

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