Freelance copywriting + concept development agency Shabbadu hires Angus Smallwood

chris&angus.jpgSpecialist freelance copywriting and concept development agency Shabbadu has celebrated the arrival of Angus Smallwood by purchasing matching pastel jackets.
Says Chris Taylor, creative director: "I couldn't be happier. Out of the apricot and the mauve, I'm glad I got the mauve. It's a great fit too. I'm really looking forward to rocking this bad-boy as some smart-casual soirees this coming summer. Plus, I've known Angus for years and he's bloody good."
Smallwood arrives fresh from finishing in the top 10 of Award School in Melbourne with two decades of acting, voice-over, comedy writing, journalism and digital media experience.
Says Smallwood: "Look, I know apricot's not my colour. But Chris got first dibs and I didn't want to get off on the wrong foot by having a scrag fight over pastels. Colour notwithstanding, I think Shabbadu has a big future and I'm thrilled at the opportunity, and jacket he's given me."
The hire/purchase comes after a successful first few months for Shabbadu that has seen their client roster grow from zero in March to quite a few more than that today.
The Shabbadu freelance model invites clients to prepay for a batch of hours per month, which they then use in hour blocks as the need arises.
They're also pushing a new product to assist with skeleton staffing over summer, aptly called 'Shabbadu For Summer'.

Contact Chris Taylor here via email to find out more.


Woohoo said:

Well done Angus!

Damien Kelly said:

Congrats Angus.

sarah said:

My favourite press release this year.

Tom Hawkins said:

Press Release of the year!

Encyclopaedic vocabulary said:

Scrag is an under-used word.

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