Huggies DryNites launches TVC revealing the secret weapon against leaks via Ogilvy Sydney

secretweapon.jpgThis Sunday Kimberly-Clark and Ogilvy Sydney will launch a new TVC that reveals the unique features of Huggies DryNites Pyjama Pants that empowers children with a secret weapon to take control of bedwetting and protect against leaks.

Research shows that when a child wets the bed, they have no control over what's happening and feel powerless to stop it. The new TVC shows a young boy on a sleepover at a friend's house and before bed he reveals his Huggies DryNites as his secret weapon and confidently says he doesn't need to worry about 'yucky stuff' like leaks in the morning.

The ad highlights that only Huggies DryNites offer superior protection against leaks due to their ultra absorbent layer and core, and tailored absorbency areas where boys and girls need it most. 

Says Lia Kostopoulos, marketing manager baby wipes and child care: "The campaign is about helping mum understand that Huggies DryNites are the best pyjama pants for her child and that she can feel confident that in the morning the bed will be dry because they know they've deployed the best secret weapon."

The new 30 second and 15 second TVC's will run on national television from this Sunday 14 October. This will be supported with an extensive digital campaign running across all young children's websites in Australia and

This is the latest campaign for Huggies DryNites Pyjama Pants following on from the successful 'Hiding' TVC developed in 2008.

Creative Agency: Ogilvy Sydney
Production Agency: Flying Fish
Media Agency: Mindshare


Sync Police said:

next time you re-record the dialogue maybe put it in sync as well.

twinkle said:

That kid's a great talent, but poor little guy's going to get bullied for this.

KM said:

Yeah, but he'll be ok if he shits he pants

Mr pissy pants said:

Agree awesome kid talent but for fuck sake, the number of kids at this age that are still wetting the bed should be so minor that as a society we don't need to produce a nappy to cater to it. As a parent it shits me that we pander to this stuff.

yuri gagarin said:

Why on earth would you want to merchandise something like this?
Little boys of this age wouldn't be so cocky about being bed-wetters.
Where's the insight?
How unsubtle. How insensitive.
He could as well be advertising a Happy Meal.

talent police said:

I reckon the performance is mega naff.

me said:


Soggy Pants said:

I bet his best friend Zack's mummy will be so thrilled to have to deal with the piddly wet nappy pants in the morning after the sleep over!

Wetting the bed when you're about 5 may not be embarrasing, but having to ask your school friend's mum to clean up your wet bottom in the morning probably would be.

William said:

Mr pissy pants, Apparently you don't get it. I wish there were Drynites/Goodnites back when I was young. Like many kids/teens, I thought I was the only one that wet the bed.

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