Simplot's John West launches trailer-style TVC and integrated campaign via BWM Melbourne

jw.jpgSimplot has launched its latest national advertising campaign for John West BWM.

John West's latest campaign builds on the 'John West, The Best' equity. The multi channel approach tells a modern day sequel to the famous bear vs. fisherman story and invites consumers to participate in an epic, ongoing adventure.

The television commercials, Into the Woods, sees the iconic John West fisherman pitched against his long-standing nemesis, the bear, and cast alongside a beautiful heroine for the first time. These have been overlaid with a soundtrack recorded by Song Zu and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

The blockbuster movie-inspired campaign was directed by Paul Middleditch and produced by Pete Masterton from Plaza Films.

Into the Woods is a sequel to the popular advert, Fly Fishing Tackle, which saw the John West fisherman go head-to-head with a bear in a bid to bring home 'The Best' salmon. Fly Fishing Tackle has drawn over 2.6 million YouTube views since hitting screens in 2007.

The three phased, multifaceted 'Into the Woods' campaign kicks off with the nationwide primetime screening of a 30-second pre-launch teaser on 7 and 8 October, supported by movie listings advertising across News Limited publications. An early screening of the full 90- second film will be available on Facebook and You Tube from 5 October.

From mid-October consumers will discover the true meaning of 'Be Your Best' as the 60, 45 and 30-second films rolls out on television and cinema screens across Australia.

John West's latest integrated campaign marks the brand's first step into the social space.

A John West Facebook page - launched in September - will provide an interactive platform where consumers are encouraged to 'be their best' by sharing their achievements and getting a taste of others' epic adventures.

Says Tara Lordsmith, Simplot Australia general manager of retail marketing: "We're very excited to be premiering our new John West Into the Woods campaign. John West is an iconic brand that has long been synonymous with high quality and trust. This epic new creative builds on the successful history of the brand whilst recognising the need to make the brand more relevant with the line 'Be Your Best'."

Says Ant Shannon, BWM Melbourne creative director (John West): "The success of John West has been largely built on the mythology of their selection process. Our new 'Be your Best' campaign adds more depth to the John West brand and symbolises the product benefits in an engaging way.

"Plus, by casting the John West fisherman and our heroine together in an impactful action comedy, we were able to answer the all important question: what happened after the fisherman stole the fish from the bear?"

Says Gus Johnston, BWM Melbourne deputy creative director: "The film is just one expression of the 'Be Your Best' integrated campaign. Over the coming months, the brand will continue to engage with consumers through social media by asking one simple question: 'what does it mean to be your best?' It's no longer just the fisherman's story."

John West has been a part of Australian mealtimes for almost half a century. John West products are stocked in Woolworths, Coles and independent supermarkets nationwide.

Carl Ratcliff, Managing Director BWM Melbourne
Rob Belgiovane, Executive Creative Director
Jamie Mackay, Head of Strategic Planning
Ant Shannon, Writer and Creative Director John West
Gus Johnston, Art Director and Deputy Creative Director
Abby Hunt, Head of Onscreen and Experience
Lucy Trengove, Onscreen Producer - content and photography
Belinda Murray, Lead Business Director
Amber Hawker, Senior Account Manager
Karlene Van Opdorp, Account Manager
Plaza FILMS - directed by Paul Middleditch and produced by Pete Masterson
The Editors and Method
Song Zu and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
Tom Sigel Hollywood DOP - Drive, Usual Suspects, X-Men movies
Art Dept: Joe Cabrera from LA
Content shooter: Giles Clarke and Stewart Volland
Lemonade Films Canadian Production Company and the 72 Crew
American Humane Society
Barney and Betty our Grizzly Kodiak Bears c/o Dana Dube and the bear trainers
Casey Adams, Hollywood stunt man, and Becky King, Californian mother of two
Also featuring Jason Burkart, aka 'Splash'
Andreas Smetana and Assistant, Jeremy Graham
Electric Art, Inness Robins
Ant Shannon, Writer and Creative Director John West
Gus Johnston, Art Director and Deputy Creative Director
Chris Hanrahan Copywriter
Jeremy Elliot Art Director
Hard Hat
Daniel Monheit
Ben Robertson
Tara Lordsmith, General Manager of Retail Marketing
Stuart Sterling, Group Marketing Manager
Magda Kozera, Senior Brand Manager


ff said:

that's a long list.

Strategy Analyst said:

It's good that they have so many people working on this. They could stand on street corners handing out explanatory brochures containing Ant Shannon's rationale so that viewers could understand the spot.

I reject this. said:

Mmmm, salmon squeezed under the arm of a dirty sailor running 5 km through a forest, in waders. And that's why John West tastes the best.

Hey guys, let's make a movie said:

A beautiful demonstration of why a 30 second TVC with a simple idea is still superior to ... well whatever the fuck this is.

Stinky fish said:

I think that sometimes it's forgotten what we really do in advertising. We're in the business of selling product for our clients. How on earth is this going to do that? It says nothing about the product and on the rare occasion that they mention that this is about fish, you see a dead, unappetising tuna dumped on the ground, whacked into a bear and tucked under the arm of a stinky sailor. And you want me to buy this? Come on.

But this is a brand ad you say? I'm sure there is lots of high fives at Simplot as they've ticked off all the brand iconography but really this does nothing for the brand. This does nothing on any level. A very expensive failure.

greg said:

Is that Schapelle Corby?

bit fishy said:

maybe some kind of nod to the previous ad would at least help this make some kind of sense. otherwise ho hum

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