Discovery Channel newcomer 'Turbo' gets a face lift via Melb motion graphics studio Norman J

discturbo.jpgMotion graphics studio Norman J has produced a four-spot creative package for Discovery Turbo channel, raising the bar on the network design for it's much anticipated relaunch.

The animated branding spots are inspired by the well known automotive programming but also what Discovery Turbo believes is some of the best sports, technology and adventure genres on cable TV.


Says Todd Neale, Norman J's director said: "We loved the idea evolving one of Discovery's youngest brands, and believes the result is a look and feel that better represented the networks broader content, and a desire to attract a more upscale man."

Produced through Norman J's US reps Region-C, under the helm of Roka Music Region-C's owner and executive producer.

Says Music: " With Todd and his amazing team at Norman J we saw an opportunity to take this channel identity and our approach to network packages up a significant notch. By delivering 4 uniquely designed but synergistic packages, Norman J has given Turbo the tools to keep a fresh and engaging brand identity that can work with their emerging programming. Todd & Norman J transformed what was to be a small brand refresh to a inspired network re-launch. The team at Discovery Turbo so enamored by the design decided to build an entire campaign based on the new package"
Client: Discovery Networks
Production Company: Norman J via Region C
Executive Producer: Roka Music
Director: Todd Neale
Art Director: Adam Gill
3D Design/ Animation and Compositing: Adam Gill
3D Design/ Animation and Compositing: Jean Pichot
Additional 3D animation: Aimar Smirn


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Norman J is a DJ, isn't he?

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