Frost Design creates series of animations for University of Technology Sydney's Great Hall

FROST UTS Great Hall 1.jpgUniversity of Technology Sydney (UTS) has enlisted Frost* to create a series of responsive animations for the large scale digital wall in the UTS Great Hall, designed to play during fill and empty of the venue for different events.

The Great Hall houses events ranging from open days through press conferences and public lectures to graduations; with a diverse range of users, from students and families to industry. The pieces are designed to work with the iconic interior, recently refurbished by DRAW.

FROST UTS Great Hall 2.jpgThe core animation concept was developed around the visualisation of The Great Hall as the living heart of the campus, expressing the key UTS values of THINK.CHANGE.DO. Frost* identified three moods, which could capture the many events and uses of the space - Celebration, Excitement & Calm.

The sequences have FROST UTS Great Hall 3.jpgbeen developed to respond to audio tracks, creating endless variation related to the audio chosen for each event. For the project Frost* collaborated with animators Christian Hogue and Andrew Quinn, from lost in space.

FROST UTS Great Hall 4.jpg
FROST UTS Great Hall 5.jpg


boring as bat shit said:

how boring is that shit! WTF that's 60 secs i will never get back.

Jeffrey said:

Not too very long ago you would enter a venue such as the Great Hall and it would consist of velvet curtains, wood paneling ... perhaps a few chintzy sashes.

This is far more engaging.

It's not as funny as a beer commercial, nor is it laden with a deep, holier-than-thou concept ( which would become overbearing after 2 views ). But there's definitely life, dynamism and a sense of future - much more than you would find in most velvet curtains. Nice work Vince & Co.

charles said:

Swear to god i saw an itunes logo in the corner of the screen.

Sam said:

It's a real shame that this work was done so poorly, I have seen some of Frost's work and the quality is usually paramount... Maybe motion graphics isn't their real focus or talent... a nice try though

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