DDB Group Australia announces merger of Crawford Brown and RAPP Melbourne

CB.jpgDDB Group Australia today announced the official re-launch of RAPP Melbourne with the most significant change being the merger with boutique integrated agency Crawford Brown to form the new RAPP Melbourne brand platform. The re-launch comes as a result of DDB Australia's national focus and investment in the growth of its digital, data and analytics business.

LOGO+RAPP.jpgAs part of RAPP Melbourne's re-launch Dave Brown steps into the chair as managing director RAPP Melbourne leading the business alongside Tess Doughty who takes the position of managing partner.

Says Chris Brown, DDB Group Australia chief executive: "We are very excited by the re-launch of RAPP Melbourne under the leadership of Dave and Tess. They both bring to the table a wealth of experience and diverse but complimentary skill sets and feel as a partnership we now offer one of the strongest teams and customer propositions in the Victorian market.
"Since the announcement of DDB Group Australia's new national structure, we have been increasing our focus on our individual business units and having a national point of view on their development. RAPP is experiencing significant growth within the Sydney market under the leadership of Simone Blakers and this has highlighted the outstanding opportunities for a modern data driven agency to help create and maintain more meaningful customer interactions for our clients."

Says Dave Brown, RAPP Melbourne managing director: "I am delighted to be back in the RAPP business and part of one of the fastest growing agencies in Australia. Crawford Brown becoming part of RAPP Melbourne makes perfect sense given where the industry is heading. Tess and I have enjoyed a professional relationship for nearly 10 years and look forward to leading the business with her.

"The new RAPP Melbourne takes the best of both businesses and packages them into a strong data driven integrated agency offering with senior firepower. Whilst data will be at the heart of everything we do it still needs to be expressed creatively and that will be an integral part of our vision going forward."

Says Tess Doughty, RAPP Melbourne managing partner: "We recognize the significant opportunity in both size and scale provided by merging Crawford Brown into RAPP Melbourne both in the Victorian and broader national market.

"The merger will provide a platform to offer an extension of the services we currently provide and feel we now come to the market with a full service and creative offering that is both unique and extensive in its value proposition. I look forward to working alongside Dave in building an even stronger brand platform."

Says Brown: "We already have a great existing client list coupled with the integration of strong
talent - 2013 will be an exciting year for RAPP Melbourne. RAPP Melbourne and Sydney will be working closely in the next 12 months to look at developing an even strong national presence and positioning."


Missed Opportunity said:

Surely they considered the name CRAPP. Surely!

CRAPP, yes it is said:

A lovely game of musical chairs. Crawford Brown was a bit of a joke anyway.

Missing Steve said:

What happened to Steve Crawford?

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