How TAC created a place to remember as a grim reminder of year's road toll, via Grey Melbourne

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 11.41.35 AM.jpgTAC-Overahead-shot.jpgTAC, via Grey Melbourne, created a 60m long table complete with 257 empty chairs sits as a grim reminder of this year's road toll.

Each empty place remembers a life lost on Victorian roads.

Tribute tweets and instagram shots were directed to #aplacetoremember.

As the road toll rises chairs were added to the table.

Over the time of the installation 6 chairs joined the table.



sjd said:

this is a really lovely idea

walking green said:

Saw it on Saturday night. Impossible to ignore.
Looked great. Very powerful. Sad.
There was a large crowd gathering and parents were explaining it to their children.
Well done Grey.

Leo said:

A much more hard hitting approach here.. Love it!

Wayne said:

Walked past this on Saturday night, was quite impressive.

Gemma said:

I was showing some friends around Yesterday.
Saw the table from the Sky Deck. Went down to ground level to get a closer look.
The words and the high chair made me cry.
Great idea.

nic said:

I like it - it's great!

Peter K said:

Such a powerful thing to see.
A timely reminder to us all to stay safe.
All those chairs. All different. The families broken apart. Heartbreaking.
Old chairs. Baby chairs. Walking sticks.
I was there too and I have been looking for somewhere to write about it.
Gave me goosebumps.

Jealous said:

Oh to use your powers for good. It must feel unbelievable.

Nicko said:

Well done team. Great piece of work that will hopefully get public to change behaviour.

Hubert said:

Great stuff.

George in Despatch said:

This is not Knox's first outing with chairs.
Some readers might recall a series of chair sculptures out the back of 474 St Kilda Rd.
The newspaper did a story on it. There were a few formations. Years ago.
This one's much better though. Looks great. Certainly kicks you in the guts. I saw it on my way to our Christmas party. Well done all involved.

Andy said:

Very nice

Sean said:

Very nice. Simple. Moving.

Foreign lass said:

Catching up on my Aussie gossip and I see this!
Very compelling and equally as sad.
The # is worth looking at. The photos and the comments, too real.

The dark side of me wishes it saw it in the flesh.
Top idea. I hope it reminds people to drive safely.

Have a safe holiday.

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