New Republique adds ex-BMF digital projects director Jay De Leon in head of delivery role

stephen-nima-jay.jpgIndependent creative agency New Republique has bolstered its ranks with the appointment of Jay De Leon (right) as head of delivery. De Leon has joined the agency from BMF where he was digital projects director.

De Leon comes on board following a thorough executive search and his tole at New Republique is a hybrid for the agency, straddling both account service and production. He will also take charge of New Republique's fast-growing digital product-maintenance function.
Says Nima Yassini (middle), New Republique founder: "It's been a busy few months where all the hard work that's gone in to defining our offering has started to pay off in the form of innovative work. We're especially proud of Pango, the social-learning platform we created with University of Western Sydney. Its the type of ongoing digital work that seems to resonate with many clients and has helped us achieve 35% organic revenue growth over the past year. All of which means we're able to hire great people like Jay to help keep up the momentum."

Says De Leon: "BMF was a fantastic learning experience for me, but the opportunity to be more involved with strategy and be closer to clients, was too attractive to turn down. I was also impressed with the 'lights-always-on' thinking that underpins New Republique's approach to the digital work they put out."

Meanwhile the agency has also added to its project management team, with the appointment of Stephen Brown (left) as a junior project manager.


skeptical said:

Still haven't seen any decent work from these guys.
Only hires in the news,

Pango looks pretty bad too, wouldn't be too proud of that sunshine.

Bad choice said:

Should have stayed at BMF, you'll learn soon enough

digital? said:

Maybe a head of delivery would mean that this so called "digital" agency might actually add something new to their website, last update was well over a year ago

Tim said:

Jay's a talent. He'll do well. Props mate.

Creative NAAAT said:

It seems the only thing creative from New Republique is their original job titles. Some of the blandest work I have seen particularly from a so called 'lights always on thinking' agency.

I'd hate to see what they'd produce if they weren't trying.

Richard said:

Are you on drugs? It's only captains and fools who go down with the ship.

Bad Choice said:


Not saying that BMF is the place to be at the moment. just that this place is not the place to be. All i see from these guys is pr about how mediocre they are.

to be honest, i'm surprised they still exist.

digital said:

Seen some great work from these guys.

Crusty said:

Hi All,

Thanks for the feedback. We will do more to promote our work and yes totally right - our website needs a refresh. Currently in the process of refreshing.

Thanks for the feedback.


Randy said:

Why you gotta disrespect bro???

Fair Play said:

Good on you, Nima

Some of the comments above really make me regret visiting this blog.

I wish Jay De Leon all the best with his new job and hope he's a big a success...

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