Schweppes launches episode three of Knapsack Bartender series via GPY&R Melbourne + Vice

Cholitas.jpgGPY&R Melbourne, Vice and Schweppes have launched the third episode of Knapsack Bartender, part of a major brand campaign, aptly named The Cocktail Revolution, which challenges how consumers think about cocktails and provides completely new ways of creating and enjoying mixed drinks.

Episode three sees Vice's Jordan Redaelli travel to La Paz, Bolivia where he meets a pair of female wrestlers (Cholitas) who beat each other up for the fun of it. He's also introduced to the world's strongest alcohol, the 96% Caiman liquor - or 'firewater' as it's known to the locals.

Hosted at, the site is packed with interesting and inspiring content including recipe suggestions, quirky videos and articles, and delicious homemade cocktails images, all of which take the intimidation out of mixed drinks and make them far more accessible for the everyday.

Says Ben Goss, Schweppes senior brand manager: "Schweppes is leading the revolution to change the way consumers think about cocktails and make them more commonplace in the everyday. The Schweppes Cocktail Revolution aims to empower consumers with the knowledge and inspiration to engage in cocktail making and take away the intimidation commonly associated with mixed drinks."

Episode three follows episode one, which saw host tapping poyo in Freetwon, Sierra Leone, and episode two with Jordan in Romania drinking palinka and going to gypsy bars for men.



Shhh... said:

Thanks for the pre-roll ad before we watched the ad, Vice. Didn't watch the ep because of it but it sounds like a good series.

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