STW Group's creative technology agency DTDigital re-launches as 'DT' with new model

DT Team December 2012.jpgCreative technology agency DTDigital, part of STW, has re-launched as DT with a model that is unique in the Australian market. The re-launch comes in response to fast-changing consumer behaviours and client needs as a result of new technologies.

Says David Trewern, DT's founder and chairman: "As a key creative, technology and innovation partner to our clients, we must continue to blaze new trails. Constant change has been the key to our success, helping us grow five-fold over the past five years. Our clients' digital needs are constantly evolving and so are we."
DT positions itself as a 'creative technology agency that exists to help brands thrive in the digital economy'.

Leading brands are now in constant contact with customers, across all their screens and devices. DT recognises that these brands need to connect and optimise every aspect of these 'digital ecosystems' and is already doing so for long-standing clients, including Myer and Honda Australia.

To support this expansive digital service model, DT has established 15 practice areas, including Strategy, Design, Advertising Creative, Engineering, User Experience, Social Media, eCommerce, Mobile, Search, Content, Data & Analytics, Interaction, Innovation Lab, Hosting, and Brand Strategy & Design.

Each area is directed by an industry leader who not only manages a team of specialists but also collaborates with peers in other practice areas to develop and execute clients' complete digital strategies.

Says Brian Vella, DT's managing director: "The Internet, social media and smartphones have led to unprecedented changes in consumer behaviour. The challenge for many brands is to 'catch-up' to the connected consumer, to maintain relevance and engagement right across a brand's digital ecosystem. To meet these challenges, businesses need an agency partner who can conceive a holistic digital strategy, and then execute across all digital touch points."

Says Trewern: "DT is focused on two things that we feel are very important to our clients. One, a culture that supports very strong collaboration between creative and technology disciplines; and two, deep specialist capability across the many disciplines required to build a consistent consumer experience across all digital touch points."

While DT's evolution has been constant, a number of changes have been made to support the agency's new model, including:
  • Appointment of new practice leaders in eCommerce and Data & Analytics
  • Promotion of David Pountney to General Manager, Melbourne (from Data and Analytics Director)
  • Promotion of Jackie Bowker to Business Growth Director (from Client Services Director)
  • Managing Director Brian Vella to drive Asian expansion
  • New St. Kilda Rd office for our 100+ Melbourne team, purpose-built to support
  • cross-discipline and cross-agency collaboration
  • Expansion of DT Sydney, which is experiencing rapid growth since establishing itself from the foundation of OgilvyInteractive
  • Launch of a new website:

Says Trewern: "It is rare to have so much depth and breadth of capability in one agency."

Some recent examples of DT's practice area achievements:
  • DT's Mobile practice built NAB's first iPhone and iPad applications, and one of the world's first automotive mobile applications for Honda.
  • The Data team integrated data across all of Honda's digital and transactional touch points to provide a real-time, holistic view of business performance.
  • The eCommerce team built one of the world's first .Net-based eCommerce systems back in 2001, and has since gone on to gain significant eCommerce experience working with retailers including Officeworks, Coles, Myer and Bunnings.
  • The Social Media team helped launch the world's first social media-driven campaign for an international event
  • Australia's bid to host the football World Cup.
  • The Interactive team helped Ogilvy turn the iconic Kings Cross Coke billboard into a web-connected and consumer-controlled experience as part of the 'Share a Coke' campaign.
  • The User Experience team helped launch Qantas' innovative new accommodation engine,
  • The Content Team travelled across Australia to research, write and create dozens of digital videos to help the Australian Coal Association communicate what it is doing to support the development of carbon capture and storage technology.

Says Vella: "Digital is rapidly becoming the critical conductor that runs through every company's products and services. DT is at the forefront of linking marketing and commerce. Our creative and technical professionals are collaborating every day to deliver real results."

The re-launch continues the rapid evolution of DT that has contributed to double digit growth for 16 consecutive years, and 40% YOY revenue growth in 2012. The company now has more than 150 staff members in Melbourne and Sydney, and is currently planning an expansion into Southeast Asian markets.

Since 1996, DT's teams of digital experts have worked across the new media spectrum with clients like Honda, Bunnings and NAB, to engage consumers, drive sales and create advocacy. DT is part of Ogilvy Australia and parent organisation STW Group. Together, DT and Ogilvy offer unrivalled digital expertise coupled with awardwinning creativity, and the resources of a global communications powerhouse.

The continued evolution of DT further strengthens the Ogilvy group as a whole. DT and Ogilvy share offices and many key clients, including Myer, Vodafone, AAMI and IBM.

Says Vella: "Ogilvy is very much focussed on solving brand and communication problems, and DT on creating experiences and building utilities, and making things useful. Combine the two together, and that's when great work happens."

DT is part of the STW Group, Australia's leading marketing content and communications services group.

(Pictured L-R: Jackie Bowker, Tim Matheson, David Pountney, Brian Vella, David Trewern)


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