Vok Beverages launches ad campaign to promote Bearded Lady Bourbon via CumminsRoss SA

Screen shot 2012-12-05 at 5.51.52 PM.jpgScreen shot 2012-12-05 at 5.52.20 PM.jpgScreen shot 2012-12-05 at 5.53.20 PM.jpgCumminsRoss South Australia has launched an integrated campaign for Vok Beverages brand Bearded Lady Bourbon, including this print component, photographed by Danny Cohen with retouching by Outpost.


Frank said:

Ha! Funny funny and funny.

don said:

If you're going to get kids to do the work, at least get someone to filter the crap that kids do?

credit where it's due said:

This was entirely done in Melbourne not SA.

Whathe! said:

Holy... #fail

Hmm said:

Weak concept, cracker photography

Yeah right. said:

I reckon Archive circa 1997. That isn't mean't as a compliment.

thats what i call appetite appeal said:

makes me rally feel like a drink

Tea Bags said:

Like the customs officer and plane one. Nicely shot

Fair cop said:

Don't listen to these tossers guys.
It's not that bad. $50 says it's better than what any of them have produced in the last year anyway.

8=====D said:

I likey.

Wobbies World said:

Well take me back to 1997 then 8:06PM! These ads are arrrrright! They may be crude but they are super funny.

CD said:

onya danny.

target? said:

What audience is this trying to attract?
Who would identify with this and say "found my brand"?
Not sure this reflects a real understanding of bourbon drinkers, regardless of age/demographic.
And yeah, i know Bearded Lady is a pretty unique sort of name, and no point being like the rest etc.
But zigging against the zag so to speak, doesn't necessarily mean it works.
Best to buy up now, I reckon Bearded Lady might pretty quickly become a collectors item.

Agree with Tea Bags said:

Lube and plane are real nice. Peeing one is okay but concepts a weird. shot danny

Curious said:

Creative team?

Melbourne Creative said:

I wouldn't put my name on this either.

Poor said:

Weak concept. Poor photography and retouching. In the bin.

Sensitivo said:

when i see these i get the feeling my creepy uncle Sam is saying a creepy comment about how developed his daughter is lately. Yeah that creepy.

feels seedy, cheap, not bogan enough to be bogan, not clever enough to be clever, just like a long lingering bad joke. kinda like this comment

Malcolm McClaren said:

Stay Strong. Hello Beer. WTF? Has this category lost its brain cells?

Shocking said:

A better photographer might at least save this campaign?

CD said:

don't listen to em danny. these are great

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