Curious Films director Ash Bolland at Sundance Film Festival in Utah for premiere of 'The East'

ASH_BOLLAND.jpgCurious Film director Ash Bolland (left) is currently in attendance at the Sundance film festival for the premiere of The East, an upcoming Fox-Searchlight thriller for which Bolland constructed the film's coda.
The film centers on Sarah Moss, an ex-FBI agent contracted by an elite, private intelligence firm and called into action to go under cover to investigate the actions of an anarchist collective hell bent on forcing big corporate CEOs to consume the harmful products that they manufacture.

Bolland, who recently landed in Park City, Utah, says working on the film provided an invaluable opportunity for close collaboration with an accomplished and admired cast and crew.
Says Bolland: "Having the chance to work on a film directed and produced by such a talented team of screenwriters and filmmakers was a creative experience I won't forget."
After the warm reception he received for 2011's Sound of My Voice, director Zal Batmanglij returns to the Sundance Film Festival with The East, which marks his second collaboration with multi-talented screenwriter/actor Brit Marling.
Produced by Michael Costigan, Jocelyn Hayes and Ridley Scott, the film is a timely thriller that resonates deeply with the complexity of today's explosive socioeconomic landscape.
Unlike many films premiering at Sundance this week, The East has guaranteed distribution and will screen in theatres soon.
For more information on Sundance screening times for The East, click here.


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