How 18 Feet & Rising, Sydney creative Derrick Kim became a professional Psy impersonator

@QT bar-web.jpgMany CB Bloggers may be unaware that 18 Feet & Rising, Sydney creative star Derrick Kim is also one of the best Psy impersonators in the world. Known as SYP, he has performed 'Gangnam Style' in front of a 5000+ crowd for a big corporate party at a Major League baseball stadium in Phoenix Arizona, plus at various nightclubs and events in Australia. He's also created his own SYP fan page on Facebook, which currently has 136,000 likes. Kim recalls for CB how it all came about...

It all started when Gangnam Style music video was getting popular on the Youtube. My Facebook friends were consistently reminding me that I look a lot like PSY. At first, I didn't take it very seriously, until I went to a Korean Tourism Organisation (our client) function dressed up as PSY. Surprisingly, pretty much everyone in the function room thought I was the real PSY. So Ben Colman (our CEO) acted as my bodyguard and me as PSY. I took many photos with newly found fans and did a not-very-well-prepared horse dance on the stage. The crowd went crazy.
USA combined-web.jpgI was fascinated by people's reaction on the night. So when real PSY came to Australia to perform for the Sunrise Morning Show, I made my way there dressed up as PSY. I was curious to see how the fans would react towards SYP. 

As expected, the crowd wanted photos, but I didn't expect myself to be on national tv and chased by hundreds of people for the photos.

SYP_couch-web.jpgSince then, I've performed 'Gangnam Style' in front of a 5000+ crowd for a big corporate party at Major League Baseball Stadium in Phoenix Arizona; various nightclubs and events in Australia. I've also created SYP fan page on facebook, and it currently has 136,000 likes. The result is quite overwhelming for me.

Godaddy On Stage-web.jpgAnd now I'm performing for Sydney Kings on 9th of Feb at the entertainment centre to do Australia's biggest Gangnam Style dance off.

I had that I-feel-like-I've-achieved-something-special feeling in 2004 when I won a Gold Lion at Cannes Lions. I have that same feeling right now, the second time in my life.

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Couch pic above by Chris Mollison


Dav Tabeshfar said:

That has made my week. Thank you Derrick.

Wow is it really true! So now you are a Viral Sensation too, have you ever got the chance to meet PSY

Bojangles said:

I get that its a novelty and all, and its gotta be fun, but how is looking like someone else an achievement...

advertising, the source of inspiration and originality said:

gosh, that's just so great. really amazing!

Sigh... said:

Bojangles – nothing gets past you does it mate.

Nick L said:


Deb said:

Go Derrick go!

Way better said:

Derrick, this is a lot better than a gold lion. This is truly something that 'real' people care about. You've indeed achieved something special. Making people happy. Bojangles, you are a sad, sad, sad individual. Whoever you are, have a good look at yourself.

To some of those appearing above said:

Why do so many people who work in advertising, hate advertising?

Get out, you jaded hacks, get out.

Meanwhile, to Derrick, rock out with your cock out! x x

Nice one said:

Way to take the Pys Derrick. Love it.

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