Telstra makes its New Year's resolutions to customers in latest campaign via DDB Sydney

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 11.10.13 AM.jpgTelstra, via DDB Sydney, has launched a major campaign to reaffirm its commitment to its customers, led by a one minute TVC.

Says Dylan Harrison, executive creative director, DDB Sydney: "DDB Group has been a partner of Telstra's throughout their journey to improve their customer service and put consumers at the heart of everything they do. This is something we're incredibly proud of.

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 11.16.47 AM.jpg"With this latest campaign designed to reaffirm Telstra's commitment to their customers, it made sense to capture the humanity in the campaign by featuring New Years Eve - the night when Australians are most connected," added Harrison.

Telstra Director Corporate Marketing, Inese Kingsmill, said over the last few years Telstra had invested significantly to reengineer its processes, improve customer service and transform its brand.
"Improving customer service is a key priority for Telstra," she said. "We are launching an advertising campaign to highlight our customer service promise.
"We know we are not there yet, and there is a lot more work to do, but we are listening and looking at how we can better serve our customers and reward their loyalty where we can.
"Putting the customer at the centre of everything we do at Telstra is now an important part of our DNA," she said.
"Progress has been made on service delivery. We have seen TIO complaints continue to decline and have introduced a range of initiatives including 24/7 customer service and online CrowdSupport but we recognise we need to continue improving."  
Ms Kingsmill said the campaign is the cornerstone of Telstra's advocacy-driving marketing program; to share Telstra's customer promise with all Australians.

"The campaign signals a new and important commitment to the market. It is part of our ongoing focus on the customer and is supported by the work we have done so far, and the work we will continue to do in the future," she said.
The campaign covers TV, press, cinema and digital.

Agency: DDB Sydney
Dylan Harrison - Executive Creative Director
Rupert Hancock - Group Creative Director
Duncan Shields - Creative Group Head
Brenden Johnson - Head of Onscreen Production
Brent Annells - Managing Partner
Lisa D'Amico Group Business Director
Gavin Sommer - Senior Business Director
Nick Cook - Senior Business Manger
Mike Crabtree  - Project Director

Production Company: The Feds
Producer - Rebecca Bennett
Director - Ben Lawrence
Post-Production: The Editors

Client: Telstra
Mark Buckman - Chief Marketing Officer
Inese Kingsmill - Marketing Director
Natalie Dean - General Manager Brand
Serena Fernandes - Senior Marketing Manager


Gladys said:

No currency - surely this should have been produced last year and launched in early January? NYE is just soooo last year by the end of January.

Australia said:

Utter tosh Telstra - don't make promises you can't keep. Your customer service scores among the lowest in the civilised world, so do you honestly expect us to believe you're trying to be 'human'? No one believes any brand that says one thing, and then doesn't follow through at the coal face.

You're right in one sense though - "You don't always get it right".

That hurt said:

very very Sydney

0:25 said:


Toia said:

Nice pic's :)

@That hurt said:

Not just very Sydney. Very inner-city, latte drinking, child-free, party-drugging Sydney. Ad and marketing wankers talking to each other. No one west of the Anzac Bridge would give a fuck.

Steve said:

Shame its gone to Market almost 28 days after it had relevance.
I feel for the creatives who worked on this. Hands down guaranteed the clients screwed this one up.

Al said:

probably could have hired better talent, may have helped

Its a fact. said:

97.3% of New Years resolutions fail.

just west of the anzac bridge said:

It will be funny if the billboard just west of the Anzac bridge is used for this campaign @That hurt - I think a few people in that direction may beg to differ with your comment...although you wouldn't give a *#*%* would you...

Groucho said:

That is so, so dreary.

@That hurt said:

Hey, just west of the anzac bridge,

Lick my Westie nutsack you defensive shitbag. x x

Nothing to special to report here said:


Pitch Doctor said:

@that hurt, there are people west of the Anzac bridge? Really?

Merry Xmas from Adland said:

Go easy on them. Sometimes a long, difficult birth makes you love your baby even more... matter how ugly, stupid or covered in shit it is.

ANDY said:

Expensive wallpaper

tosh said:

speechless - well not that speechless. this is utter cock and doesn't mean anything. A mood reel with budget thrown at it. I don't know who on the list I feel sorry for most, maybe the client for being so utterly clueless about what makes for good communication & entertainment - this ain't it.

Rubbish said:

This really is bad. Poorly written, cringe worthy rubbish, wrapped up in some pretty but predictable pictures.

About as well conceived as the timing of its release.

Looks like a case of Telstra dropping the ball and DDB dropping their pants.

@That hurt said:

No one west of the Anzac Bridge gives a fuck about anything, which is the painfully obvious reason why they're able to tolerate living there.

It is good though to see that Telstra's spending the money they're fleecing off of their customers on something worthwhile, like a NYE party with the young and the feckless.

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