Toby Burrows selected for solo photography show 'Soliloquy' at Hamburg's Flo Peters Gallery

Soliloquy_invite_2512.jpgToby Burrows' new personal series 'Soliloquy' has been picked up by Hamburg's leading fine art photography gallery the Flo Peters Gallery, opening on January 22nd until March 9, 2013.
The images will be displayed on a grand scale to reference period classical works of art. The entire series has been shot in camera without employing digital manipulation.

Click here to visit Burrows' website.
The new series follows the success of Burrows' personal 'Fallen' series (2010) documented by New York arts Magazine, London's Dazed and Confused and turning up on Kanye West's and Justin Timberlake's blog site.
Says Burrows: "I am humbled to be represented by Flo Peters, who has in her stables the likes of Albert Watson and Steve McCurry and the wonderful archives of  Saul Leiter and William Klein."
Toby Burrows is represented by The Kitchen Creative Management.


Sam Yeomans said:

Nice One Toby!

Corinne said:

Congrats Toby!

Siobhan said:

Congrats Tobe ! Utterly deserved. Let me know if you need someone to carry to your bags. x Siobhan


GO TOBIAS!!!!!!!!

BIYATCH!!! said:

The name's Tobias. Tobias Burrows.

Barry Kidd said:

I loved Toby's photographs and they were absolutely stunning but the nature the photographs in my poor eyesight is just made it too difficult to look at I would love to see the the show in the full-size prints just so it makes better sense.

I do have one question though wasn't the same model throughout the series? Sorry for asking a blind as a bat.

Richard Denham said:

Beautiful images Toby - congratulations.

Johnny M said:

Congratulations Toby. Good to see your shots getting the love they deserve. Nice.

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