TAC starts a new kind of conversation with new TV spots via Lifelounge Agency and SceneOn

Header.jpgThis month TAC has released a third and final series of spots, filmed for Lifelounge Agency and client TAC with production and post-production by SceneOn.

The new sports focused spots titled: Attacking Header, Chest Volley and Penalty Kick are a powerful contrast to the TAC's well known and iconic crash-based narrative campaigns.

Chest Volley.jpgBy combining slow motion footage and with soothing classical tones, the clips urge the audience to consider TAC's preventative "Stay in Control. Wipe Off 5" message from a very different angle.

Through an expression of intense focus the narratives Penalty.jpgunderline the physical and mental control that will make or break an individual's game - on and off the field.

Says Andrew Coyle, director from SceneOn: "I have long admired TAC campaigns and was delighted to be able to work with Lifelounge Agency on these. Illustrating physical, technical, precision with a positive and affirmative message is very effective and I believe it will really strike a cord with its target demographic, an audience Lifelounge Agency knows very well."

Click here to visit SceneOn's website.

Client: Victorian Government, Transport Accident Commission (TAC)

Agency: Lifelounge Agency

Production Company: SceneOn

Director: Andrew Coyle

Executive Producer: Tracy Proposch

Producer: Evie Mackay

DOP: Wayne Aistrope

Post: SceneOn

Offline: Patrick O'Farrell

Colourist: Vincent Taylor


Awesome Bro said:

A new and crazy kind of conversation much like this one.


Where's the idea? said:

Boring. And done by the AFL through Collingwood years ago. Feels like the brains have slowed down too at LA.

Reg said:

Soccer fans will love them.

Peter said:

Lovely stuff.

@Awesome Bro said:

Feeling a little Grey are we?

Here's another one from Grey 2 years ago said:
Original said:

An original thought will be nice, thanks.

Like said:

These are very nice

Mrs Silence Dogood said:

Soccer is boring.
Just like this ad.

Matt said:

The concept is nothing new but really uninspired execution.

This spot sums it up perfectly...


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