When Things Need Cleaning Up: Grey, Melbourne runs tactical print ad for White King bleach

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 6.25.22 AM.jpgWhen dirty stories were uncovered in Australian sport over the last week, Grey Melbourne and White King thought they'd offer to help clean things up in this tactical newspaper ad.



Media man said:

That ad didn't run under that article.

Oops... said:

Sprung, damn.

Wow said:

They didn't even make them put the "paid advertisement" header (that papers force every ad that looks even remotely like editorial EVER to include) on the ad.

Penfold said:

It doesn't look like editorial to me.

Paper peruser said:

I saw this ad in the sports section. Under a different article, but still worked a charm.

talker said:

We noticed this ad in the Sports section of the Herald Pun a couple of Mondays ago. We talked about it (ha) and moved on. Thought it was OK. Nothing to see here!

Won't clean up said:

Yep. She's basic.

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