The Australian Graphic Design Association NSW chapter unveils new brand identity via Houston

Houston AGDA 1.jpgStrategic branding and design agency Houston, has unveiled a new and revitalised brand identity for the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) NSW chapter, aimed at increasing awareness and membership of the leading industry organisation in 2013.

The new brand identity has given AGDA's NSW chapter a new look and feel, with the Houston-developed design weaving the theme of 'collaboration' throughout all materials including posters, print, digital, and other collateral.
AGDAInvite.jpgStuart O'Brien, Houston CEO said the new design "brought out the sense of community and
collaboration within our design industry, while highlighting AGDA NSW chapter's commitment to bringing people together."

He said the revitalised brand was a continuation from last year's 'AGDA NEW' campaign.

Says O'Brien: "We thought long and hard about what collaboration means and came to this idea around the 'co' word - which is all about two (or more) elements coming together. The design idea that best spoke to this is a series of interconnected fluorescent lines; representing the network, and the engaging possibilities of design LOGO.jpgcollaboration."

O'Brien said Houston developed a new design strategy first, and then worked on refreshing the brand idea and all its executions. The result is "a bold, eloquent and concise design that is simply an engaging medium for everything that is happening this year for the association. The aim was to catch people's eyes while demonstrating that our industry speaks for itself."

The new brand was officially launched late last week at an event attended by a range of Sydney's top design studios.

Says Glen Barry, AGDA NSW president: "Collaboration was the buzz word at the Local Taphouse where Houston teamed up with us to organise our launch for 2013. It was a great party, we had an amazing turnout of AGDA members and guests who represented the cream of Sydney's design studios. The place looked amazing with the collateral designed by Houston who chose fluro as the highlight of the printed pieces.

"It was great to see the design community come together to collaborate, connect and enjoy each other's company; it had a fantastic positive vibe. We look forward to working with Houston to bring our members an inspiring and collaborative year which will encourage more creatives to join up."

AGDA is the main national organisation for professional graphic designers, and aims to establish fair and productive working relationships between graphic designers and clients - providing designers with the tools and information to take control of their professional lives. AGDA also works on increasing awareness of the value and importance of graphic design in business, education and culture.


Nice one said:

Move over Interbrand

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Sheesh said:

"We thought long and hard about what collaboration means and came to this idea around the 'co' word ". So they literally stared at the word on a page and came up with this.... ha ha

AGDA member said:

The first word that makes up AGDA's name is "Australian". So why not refresh the identity for the whole organisation, why just one state?

AGDA ex-member said:

According to the dictionary - Collaboration is working with each other to do a task.

Ummm, bit ironic that AGDA NSW have gone out on their own here without the other state chapters...

More like DISconnected

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