Rachael Taylor says "G'Day Boys" in UK launch poster for Bond's underwear via TBWA\London

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Bonds, one of Australia's most-loved heritage brands, is set to revisit one of TBWA\London's most iconic campaigns to celebrate the arrival of its underwear range onto UK shores.

The London ad agency has recreated the billboard campaign, only this time it features Australian bombshell actress Rachael Taylor dressed only in her Bonds underwear. Next to her, in true Ozzie style, are the words 'G'Day Boys'.

The original iteration was first revealed in 1994, and quickly cemented its position in the advertising hall of fame. Widely regarded as the most iconic ad of all time, Hello Boys is famous for its role in growing the Wonderbra brand - and also as the root cause of several car crashes involving smitten male drivers.

The collaboration between TBWA\London and Bonds pays homage to the original poster, mimicking it as closely as possible. It will help to raise awareness that one of Australia's biggest and most loved brands is operative in the UK, with outlets in John Lewis, Oxford Street and Peter Jones, Sloane Square.

The campaign goes live on 10th April and will run for two weeks. Three 48-sheet billboards will be present at three sites across London: the Chelsea Yacht Club, Kensington High Street and Finchley Road.

Given the history of the Hello Boys campaign, TBWA\London have forewarned traffic police operative in the above areas and have been assured that requisite measures are in place to avoid a repeat of the accidents that sparked much controversy in 1994.

Says Zoe Hayes, marketing manager at Bonds: "TBWA had me at G'day with our launch campaign for the UK. They've harnessed the Bonds charm and cheekiness with this simple but striking idea - and the scorchingly hot Rachael Taylor complements our very comfy undies (or pants as you folk call them up there). We cannot wait to bring even more fun and undies to the UK with TBWA very soon... Watch this space."

Says Lindsey Evans, president of TBWA\London: "TBWA\London has revisited one of its most iconic ads, applying a cheeky Aussie twist to celebrate Bonds' arrival on UK shores. The result is clever, confident and an ad that doesn't take itself too seriously - much like the brand itself."

Says Taylor said: "Bonds is an Aussie icon and it's great to celebrate its UK arrival with a fun and cheeky campaign".


Will Think for Salary said:

G'day = cheeky? Pffft.

Mike Hunt said:

Shouldn't she have more noticeable (ie;bigger) breasts. Surely that's the point.

AK said:

Paid twice for the same idea... Someone's taking the piss.

Scales Fall From Eyes said:

They have sacked all the real creatives in the UK to employ an army of social media charlatans and digitals duhs. This is the result; mutton dressed as mutton

Where's the excitement. said:

A poor execution of a great ad. The photography is hokey and the model is sexless. Whoever did this should be shot.

ANDY said:

A bad copy.

Katie said:

I personally don't like the ad, perhaps they need a new company that understands women needs , especially women with bigger breasts.

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