APN Outdoor rolls out Wifi on Adelaide buses and trams providing new opportunities for advertisers

APN Outdoor Tram Maxiwrap Symantec Wifi media release May 2013.jpgAPN Outdoor, has rolled out Wifi services across the entire tram network and part of their bus network in metropolitan Adelaide.
This technological development within their transit media portfolio is keeping APN Outdoor ahead of the market when it comes to offering South Australian commuters the opportunity to access free internet whilst travelling.
Advertisers now have the option to connect with a commuters on board buses and trams in Adelaide. When commuters access the Wifi, the advertiser can brand the landing page that appears on the commuters' smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Says Andrew Hines, APN Outdoor's chief operating officer; "With 43% of Adelaide Metro commuters aged between 18 to 24 years old, free Wifi is an attractive offer for their internet usage needs. Advertisers looking to connect with this hard to reach target audience will jump at the chance to access this market."

Janine Wood, APN Outdoor's general manager of marketing, explains the motivation behind the Wifi rollout.

Says Wood: "We have 95% national coverage across Transit media and we are always looking to bring more value to both advertisers and commuters during their public transport experience."

The Adelaide Wifi rollout builds on the already existing national Wifi network APN Outdoor currently offers with their transit product.

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